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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Chloe: She learns the truth about Ronan.

Jill/Lauren: A surprise witness come forward in the Fenmore sisters lawsuit.

Jill: She tells Victoria the truth.

Victor: He outfoxes Tucker.

Nikki: She saves the day. Later, Nikki makes a generous offer.

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Adam/Sharon/Nick: Nick visits Sharon and shows her a newspaper with a picture of Sharon and Adam. Nick implores Sharon not to buckle and testify.He reminds her of all of his brother's misdeeds. Nick takes it a step further by saying the only reason Adam and Sharon were together was out of her need to get over Nick. Nick says he and Sharon can finally have a future together, since he and Phyllis are getting a divorce. Sharon lets him know she's not running back to him. Meanwhile Vance and Adam, along with Skye, are plotting strategy for court.

Adam tells Vance about confessing everyting to Sharon. Skye is not pleased at this revelation, but Vance says he'll destroy Sharon on the stand. Adam demands Vance not attack Sharon. When Adam leaves, Skye tells Vance to crush Sharon when she's testifying. Later, Adam bumps into Sharon and tells her he made Vance back off. He says when she's called to testify, she can be honest about everything he told her. When Sharon is called to the stand, Vance lulls her into a false sense of security and gets her to spill more than she wanted to. Afterwards, Sharon has some choice words for Adam.

Meggie: She gets a new friend after her attack.

Chance: He puts his life on the line to find out who the prison drug king is. Chance brushes off Ronan and Heather's help with protection in jail.

Cricket: She pulls out all the stops to help Chance.

Adam: He vows payback.

Nina: She assumes the worst regarding Paul and Cricket.

Neil/Sofia/Malcolm: Neil goes out of his way to act rude to Sofia. Malcolm isn't too thrilled and the brothers go at it.

Adam/Hope: Adam is overwhelmed by memories of his mother, which offer clues as to why he became the man he is today.