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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performer of the day:Johnathan Jackson.

Lucky tries to convince Karen that Pablo really is Aiden, that she is not responsible for what Franco has done.  He tells her the saga of his and Liz' lives and only substitutes that he's Aiden's father.  He manages to convince her and she releases the baby to him.  While flying home with Aiden, he explains the ins and outs of the baby's family and, in the end, admits that deep down, he'll always wish that he was Aiden's father.

Shirley's daughter shows up at the hospital to pick up her mother's things and asks to speak to Elizabeth.  The woman goes on about how horrible a mother Shirley was, for abandoning her and her brother.  Liz sets her straight on all things Shirley and the woman leaves.

Brook wonders why Carly is so insistent about her seducing Dante right now and asks how she's supposed to go about doing it when Dante is clearly in love with Lulu.  Olivia overhears part of the conversation and wonders what the two are up to. Carly deflects her by mentioning that Johnny was taken into custody, so Olivia takes off for the PCPD. Carly tells Brook to stop stalling and go have sex with Dante, while she's having dinner with Michael and Lulu.

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Dante insists, to Johnny, that he will take a look at any evidence that Johnny has against Sonny, but Johnny isn't interested. He feels Dante is compromised because of Sonny.  Dante heads home to chat with Lulu about that.  Lulu doesn't believe that Johnny is guilty and does believe that Sonny is likely setting him up.  Lulu heads out for dinner with Carly and Michael.

Sonny's on the docks and thinks he sees Brenda, but it turns out to be Claire, out of her usual business attire.  They head back to his place, where she gets the Brenda story out of him. She appears to still be falling for him.

Olivia visits with Johnny and, although she tells him that she beleives that Sonny framed him, she also beleives that Johnny brought this on himself.  After she storms off (Is it just me, or does that woman just flounce from scene to scene?),  Judge Carroll spots Johnny in the interrogation room and wants to know what's going on.  Johnny tells him the whole story and, when the judge asks if Claire is the prosecutor, Johnny informs him that Claire has been getting very comfortable with Sonny, which does not make Judge Carroll very happy.

Nik and Liz have rounded up the boys to tell them that Aiden is missing, just as Lucky shows up with Aiden.  Lucky watches forlornly as the family reunites.

Michael is curious as to why Carly would call a dinner meeting with him and Lulu.  When Lulu shows up, Carly excuses herself to check on Josselyn and a suspicious Michael takes off to Dante's.

Brook shows up at Dante's, wet from getting caught in the rain, with no hot water, and showers there.  As she's walking around in only her bathrobe, she asks if there's anything she can do to repay him.

Claire excuses herself to take a phone call and Sonny reminisces about Brenda again.