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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I find it ironic that Vanessa Marcil is already in the opening credits, before she even makes an appearance; whereas we had some characters stuck in those credits for months after they were gone. 

And speaking of Vanessa, Brenda doesn't officially appear on screen until the end of the episode.  We see the back of her, as she's getting ready for her appearance at some charity event.  Then she's announced and she officially returns to General Hospital.  In the meantime...

Sonny and Claire continue to have the same conversation they've had for a while now and I, for one, am getting tired of listening to it.  He wants to sleep with her and tells her to admit that she's attracted to him.  She says all she wants is a baby and she thinks he just wants her so he can compromise her and get her off his case.  He tells her to get another Fed to take him down while they sneak around and have a relationship.  After she's tied him in knots, she tells him she won't be with him and leaves, but not before giving that same little smirk she gave when she left Johnny at the PCPD.

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Carly returns to the table and asks where Michael is.  Lulu tells her he went to Dante's, which puts Carly in a panic and she texts Brook to get out.  Lulu assures her that Michael is fine now that Dante is in his life and Carly loses her mind, jumps across the table, grabs Lulu by the hair and spits out that she and Dante are responsible for the way Michael is now.  But not really.  That was just what Carly was thinking of doing, which made me laugh because Julie Berman looked terrified and Laura Wright looked like she was going to rip Lulu's face off and eat it with some fava beans and a nice chianti!

Brook flirts with Dante and pulls him in for a kiss.  He breaks it off and then feels bad for whatever mixed signals he may have been sending.  She acts embarrassed and claims that she's had feelings for him for awhile.  Michael shows up, so Brook scurries off and Dante assures Michael that nothing happened, that he loves Lulu and there's no need to tell Lulu what he saw.  Lulu shows up, so Michael takes off.

Maxie spots Lucky standing on the pier in the rain and drags him into Jake's for a drink and some venting.  She spots Matt and apologizes that she thinks Lucky needs her.  Matt's cool with it and they set a date for the next night.  Lucky tells Maxie about finding Aiden and that he lied about the paternity in order to get him, but wishes that it was true.  Maxie assures him that he's still the baby's uncle and that is still a bond.  She reminds him of Mac's connection to both her and Robin and Lucky thanks her for being there for him.

Olivia flounces into Jake's and goes on and on to Coleman about her dilemma, being caught between Sonny and Johnny. She doesn't want to be hypocrite, but she's deeply involved with Johnny, despite her hatred for all things mob.

Alexis and Kristina discuss how she's still doing therapy. When Taylor shows up for a study session, Alexis wants to stay, but Kristina sends her off.  The kids study, but Taylor goes in for a kiss and Kristina recoils.  Taylor apologizes and leaves.  Michael shows up and Kristina complains to him that she's damaged goods. 

Brook tells Carly the details of what happened and how embarrassed she was, but Carly doesn't care, because she figures her plan is working.