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Pretty Little Liars, So Far, So Delish

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Tuesdays are going to be a lot less thrilling now that ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has wrapped up the first half of their season. The soapy little drama premiered ten weeks ago, and got audiences hooked on the salacious teens of Rosewood.

Aria (Lucy Hale) returns to town with her family after having lived in Iceland for a year. She returns and hooks up with a hot older guy, only to find out the next morning that he’s her new English teacher, Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding). Oops. But, the two can’t fight their feelings and carry on a secret romance. As if Aria didn’t have enough drama, her parents separate when her dad’s affair from a year ago comes to light.

Hanna (Ashley Benson) is the new Queen Bee since she dropped all the extra weight and former Queen Bee Alison (Sasha Pieterse) disappeared. Besides boyfriend trouble (he won’t sleep with her), she’s still getting used to her parents’ divorce and dealing with it through shoplifting therapy. Things get worse at home when her dad gets engaged, and she realizes that her and her mother’s money problems are so bad they can’t make mortgage payments.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is an overachiever with a thing for her older sister Melissa’s (Torrey DeVitto) boyfriends. Her sister doesn’t know this is a recurring issue, since she’s only caught Spencer and her now ex-fiancé kissing. Wanting to smooth their strained relationship, Spencer encourages Melissa to accept a date with Ian (Ryan Merriman), a boyfriend who broke her heart when he dumped her to secretly pursue a fling with Spencer. That’s still a secret Spencer wants to keep, especially since she’s begun a more age-appropriate relationship with a boy who works at her country club.

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Emily (Shay Mitchell) wants to be the perfect daughter, but it’s hard for her when she’s attracted to both the new girl in school, Maya (Bianca Lawson), and to the school freak, Toby (Keegan Allen). Her romantic life gets confusing, but then things seem to start clicking with Maya. However, this might not last now that her dad is back home from war, and Emily can’t even think of coming out to her parents.

The former BFFs are brought back together when the body of the gang’s former leader, Alison, is discovered. After the funeral, each gets a text from “A”, who seems to know all their secrets, past and present, and taunts them. The girls are unwilling to be completely honest with the police regarding Alison, since they’re still covering for their former bestie.

One year ago, Alison took the girls to play a prank on Toby and his stepsister Jenna (Tammin Sursok), which left her blind and got Toby sent to reform school. Alison made Toby take the fall by threatening to expose Toby and Jenna’s secret—that they’d been sleeping together. That’s why the girls think one of them might be A.

A hasn’t just been harassing the girls. They’ve also been messing with the Rosewood police and FBI, who are investigating Alison’s murder. A sends a DVD that the FBI later shows to the girls. It shows Alison flirting with the camera, and the boy behind it. The girls aren’t much help, since Alison never shared any of her own secrets, and they don’t know who her secret boyfriend was. However, they know the video is from the night Alison disappeared and that the sweater she’s wearing isn’t her own.

After the police find that sweater in Toby’s room with Alison’s blood on it, they issue an arrest warrant. Toby comes out of hiding to tell Emily that he knows she’s scared and her friends think he killed Alison, but that he didn’t do it. Toby says how he was actually grateful because she helped him finally break up with Jenna last year, who was, and still is, crazy (literally) in love with him. Before Emily and Toby can meet again later, the cops find him and he’s arrested.

Later, Emily and Spencer find out who Alison’s secret boyfriend was, after they follow A’s clues. They’re led to a tree with a heart carved into it, and “Alison loves Ian” inside of that.

A has been wrecking their lives. He or she has outed Emily to her mom, exposed the affair to Aria’s mom, gotten Mr. Fitz to think Aria blabbed about their romance, stalked, taped, and harassed all of them. They become determined to find out A’s identity. Just when Hanna texts the others that she knows who A is, she’s run over by a car, right in front of them. A texts that they had to do it since Hanna “knew too much.”

The new PLL promo says it’s going to be returning soon, but not soon enough! There’s still a ton of secrets to be exposed — Who is A? Is it Ian? Is it Toby? Someone else? Will Hanna survive or has Rosewood lost another future Prom Queen? If she does, will Hanna remember seeing Aria with Mr. Fitz?

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