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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny is happy to see that Ethan has paid his bail, until he finds out that it was with his own money, which Ethan moved around in order to do. They argue about the chances Johnny takes and how little Ethan really does for him. But in the end, they get over it.

Dante feels guilty that he’s always sending Michael away to have some alone time with Lulu. Lulu tells him how happy she is at Crimson. Olivia shows up, so Lulu takes off for work. Olivia questions Dante’s intentions for Lulu and wonders if either have thought about marriage.

Adrienne Barbeau is playing Suzanne, a colleague/agent, of some sort, of Brenda’s. She’s concerned by the almost attack on Brenda the night before. Brenda brushes it off and goes ahead with another press conference to raise public awareness for exploited children. Later on, some diamonds cause Brenda to reminisce about the ones she had Jason get rid of years ago.

Carly and Mike briefly discuss Dante and Michael. Lisa shows up and when Carly sees Patrick, she detains Lisa long enough for her to miss Patrick. Patrick confides in Carly about the torn pictures and the craziness that is Lisa.

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Steve tries reprimanding Lisa for something, but she won’t allow it and tells him if he plans on reprimanding her again, she’ll have to file a sexual harrasement lawsuit against him. Lisa overhears Patrick tell Steve that Robin is in New York with Emma and Anna.

Lisa shows up at the Scrubs house, and lets herself in, and makes herself at home. Patrick comes home to find her drinking beer and watching television.

The revolving door at Pentonville got a workout again today. Michael shows up, despite his feelings for the place. He tells Jason that he thinks Carly’s cooking something up, since he found a half naked Brook in Dante’s apartment. Carly shows up and Jason tells her that Michael is worried about whatever plan she’s got and to knock if off, but Carly’s adamant that she will make Lante pay (at the expense of her own son, I guess). Sam shows up and tells Jason that she and Spinelli are planning on blackmailing a judge into letting him off with time served.

Ethan runs into Maya at Kelly’s, and wonders why she’s been avoiding him since he’s been recuperating at the Qs. She blathers on about possible feelings for him before running off. He tracks her down at the hospital and plants a kiss on her.

When Lulu comes back to the apartment and wonders what Olivia wanted, Dante beats around the bush, but eventually confesses that Olivia was talking about marriage and both ask if that’s what the other wants.

Michael runs into Johnny on the street and begs him to stop the vendetta against Sonny. Shots ring out and Michael throws Johnny out of the way.