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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Claire questions Mike about Brenda and her connection to Sonny. Sonny shows up and tells her that they need to start trusting each other and the best way for him to trust her is for her to get Jason released. At first she discounts the possibility of this, but he tells her that he's sure she can pull it off. When Claire leaves, Mike questions why Sonny is now thinking about Brenda, and whether he plans on contacting her.

Brenda's dating a hot actor and the two go off to a premiere together, but not before drinking a ton of champagne, before and after the date. I certainly hope she brings this guy back to PC with her when she comes, because he was YUMMY! Unfortunately, his name is Murphy, which is pretty lame for a big movie star. Murphy ends up proposing to Brenda, who doesn't look that thrilled about it. I thought for sure he was going to admit that he's really gay and using Brenda as a beard.

Jason insists to Sam that she leave the whole thing alone, but she's angry that he's in prison and she's adamant that she wants him out. Jason summons Spinelli and tells him to stop helping Sam with whatever plans they are trying to pull off. Spin agrees to protect Sam, but reminds Jason that others are falling apart without his presence. Apparently Carly and Sonny can't tie their shoelaces without him.

The drive by shooting is replayed. This time, Ethan shows up as well. Johnny is grateful to Michael for saving his life and admits that he recognized the car as Carlos Lopez'.

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Lulu jokes about marriage to Dante, who can't get out of that appartment fast enough. He shows up at the shooting and immediately tells Michael that he shouldn't be there. When officers arrive, Dante sends Michael home and changes the story to say that Ethan saved Johnny's life. When Maya shows up, concerned about the shooting, Ethan confesses to her that he wasn't there. Johnny insists to Dante that Sonny was behind the shooting, and I wonder if Lopez was behind the shooting at all. It would be rather ingenious for Johnny to hire someone to shoot at him, and then blame it on Sonny.

Patrick freaks out on Lisa, demanding that she leave his house, that she's not welcome and that whatever they had is over. She claims he can't just end things and, at first, wants them to go back to being friends. But then she tearfully admits that she's been in love with him since college. He apologizes for not realizing, but emphasizes that he's married with a family.

Maxie shows up to drop something off for Robin and is not happy to find Lisa there. When Lisa leaves, Maxie calls Patrick on it, and he promises her that nothing is going on. When Maxie leaves, Patrick notices that a picture of Robin has been defaced.

Claire calls Ronnie into her office to tell him that there was a loophole in Jason's plea agreement and he's being released. Ronnie is not happy, but Claire claims that if she can get Sonny to trust her, than she has him where she wants him. I guess that means she has been playing him all along.

Johnny and Ethan celebrate their good fortune and Johnny says he needs to kill Sonny in self-defense.

Dante and Michael get home, but Ronnie shows up and tells Dante that there was a witness to the shooting who saw Michael there.

Sonny shows up at the prison, to tell Jason that he's being released