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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ethan and Johnny discuss the Sonny issue. Ethan tries to talk him out of whatever he has planned, but Johnny's determined that he needs to kill Sonny and make it look like it was self-defense.  That's the only scene we had of them today.  Other short scenes included: Patrick confronts Lisa about the picture, but she denies it and deflects it again on Robin;  and Maxie shows up at the hospital to give Matt something like an apology and notices Patrick and Lisa in heated discussion.

Sonny tells Jason that he's being released and Jason has trouble believing it.  Diane shows up with the paperwork and the deal is done.  On the way home, Jason questions what Claire is giving up for this. Sonny insists that he's trying to trust her but wants to compromise her and tells Jason that he wants to take care of the Johnny issue himself.

Brenda feels that Murphy's proposal is sudden and that, although she loves him, she doesn't love him as much as he deserves, which is code for run Murphy, run!  She tells him that she's been left at the altar three times and doesn't want a fourth, explaining what happened with Jax and Sonny.  He says he loves her and promises to go through with it, but leaves her to think.

Ronnie wants to bring Michael down to the station for a lineup, but Lucky arrives and says the witness recanted.  When Ronnie leaves, Lucky insists that Michael tell him the truth, and Michael admits that he was there and pushed Johnny out of the way.  Michael isn't happy that another cover-up is in the works.

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Spinelli questions Carly about how their plan will affect Lulu.  He's now worried about his friend, but Carly insists that she'd be doing Lulu a favor by exposing Dante as a cheater.  Diane calls to tell them that Jason is coming home and Carly takes off. while Spinelli decorates the penthouse.

Carly informs Brook that with Jason coming home, he's likely to shut down her operation. She insists that Brook do the deed with Dante that night or get sent back to Bensonhurst, penniless.  Brook asks for more money and Carly agrees to another 10 grand.  Carly calls Michael about the Jason news, thereby ensuring that Michael will be out of the appartment.  Brook calls Dante to come find her at Jake's.

Jason comes home to an ecstatic Spinelli, but insists that Spin tell him the truth about Carly's plan.  Before Spin has a chance, both Michael and Carly show up.  When Spinelli and Michael leave to get food, Jason informs Carly that she needs to stop her revenge plan against Lante.

Lulu has a chat with Lucky about marriage and Lucky tells her not to worry, that if Dante isn't interested, he'll let her know. Oooh, that foreshadowing anvil just fell on my head!

Brook goes on to Dante about having panic attacks because she's stressed out about life.  When Dante's not looking, she puts some pill in his beer. 

Claire is at Sonny's when he gets home from dropping off Jason and she says she should feel bad that she put a killer back on the streets, but rather, she feels liberated.  They kiss.  She asks him again if he has ever loved someone so deeply, which makes Sonny wonder why she's asking, but then she leaves.

Brenda and Sonny both reminisce about the same memory – when he left her at the altar, in the rain.