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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Liam: He gets the boot by Dollar Bill. Liam offers his services to Ridge regarding his suit against Spencer Publications. Later, Liam asks Ridge for the okay to go out with Hope. The young man doesn't get the reception he's looking for when Ridge tells him to stay clear of his kin. Liam still is on the hunt for his father, clueless to the fact they have already crossed paths.

Nick/Brooke: The exes reminisce about their past.

Oliver: He tells Brooke he and Hope are an item once again.

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Katie: She is stunned by a revelation Bill shares.

Ridge/Taylor: The two try to pacify Thomas' anger over Steffy becoming a partner in Forrester Creations. Ridge and Taylor bump their eldest child to vice-president (Wonder what Thorne will think of this; remember him?).

Thomas: He rocks his family with his alliance.

Steffy: She is still hellbent on ousting Brooke from Forrester Creations and teams up with Marcus.