Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Victor: He tells Daniel and Chloe their love won't be everlasting. Later, Victor gets his payback.

Chloe: She displays her baby bump for Philip and Melanie.

Bo: He holds Dr. Baker responsible for Fancy Face's problems.

Kate: She is terrified she will alienate Will with her secrets.

Stephanie: She is crushed by what she discovers. Stephanie comes up with a way to rig the baby's paternity results.

Melanie: She almost busts Vivian.

Rafe/EJ: The men have a showdown.

Roman: He hatches a desperate plan to derail Sami's plans to marry EJ.

Nicole: She hopes Brady will save her. Nicole moves in with Daniel and Chloe.

Sami: She finds out everything regarding Sydney's kidnapping.

Arianna: She gives EJ a shoulder to cry on.

Carly: She tells Chloe that Daniel's the father.