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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Adam/Sharon/Nick: Hell hath no fury like a Newman scorned! Adam decides to sue everyone who held him captive at the Abbott cabin, except Sharon. Skye is not thrilled when she finds out her husband's plans. Meanwhile Nick invites Sharon to live at his house while he moves into the GCAC. At first Sharon balks at the idea, but relents when she finds out about Adam's suit.

Nikki: She starts to ponder if Victor can ever move on from the past. Meanwhile, Nikki's own past starts to intrigue Meggie.

Nick/Cricket: The Newman heir and the legal eagle share a kiss, witnessed by Phyllis!

Victor: He asks Jack for help.

Billy/Victoria: The lovebirds apologize but face another hurdle. Billy has to make a huge choice.

Lily: She makes an offer to Mac but is turned down. Lily then extends her offer to Traci.

Cane: His immigration case hits a roadblock.

Ronan/Nina: The case of Nina's missing firstborn takes a turn when Chloe is thrown into the mix. The fashionista discovers Ronan and Nina's lost son share a birthday. Chloe starts to do some digging and finds more pieces to the puzzle. Chloe learns Ronan lied on a social networking site about which school he attended. Armed with her info, Chloe has a showdown with Ronan who flips out on her. Chloe is taken back by his actions and informs him she'll have Restless Style do a story on him if he doesn't tell the truth. Ronan confesses he is Nina's missing son, but implores to Chloe that Nina and Chance can't find out the truth just yet. Chloe grudgingly agrees to keep quiet— for now.

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Later, Cricket begs Ronan to tell Nina the truth and reveals his mom is steps away from finding out everything. Meanwhile, Paul starts to dig into Nina's case and discovers some info from reading his father's old records. Heather also throws her hat into the ring to help Nina out and helps Paul go through files at the courthouse. Cricket is nervous when Paul informs her he has found the family who raised Nina's son. Nina is thrilled when she finds out her son's name, Aidan Lansing, and is over the moon to finally meet him.

Jill/Lauren: The newest Fenmore and Katherine have an honest conversation regarding Jill's battle with Lauren. Jill admits to Kay she hoped things would have turned out better, but still sticks to her guns. Lady luck is on Jill's side when she heads to court. Lauren gets a surprise when her mother Joanna appears at the hearing and is grateful. Lauren's hopes are dashed when Mrs. Fenmore drops a bomb at the proceedings. Joanna tells the court Neil was so despondent over his deserting his firstborn that he overcompensated with Lauren once she came along. Lauren feels let down by her mother once again. The judge heads back to chambers to make a decision on his ruling.

Kevin/Jana: The Fishers' wedding anniversary rolls around. The date isn't a pleasant one for those involved. Jana is not thrilled about Kevin's friendship with Chloe.

Philip: The missing Chancellor returns to town.

Rafe/Heather: The attorneys get trashed.

Adam: He has a dream in which Hope tells him her soul will never rest knowing what Adam has done.

Ashley: She starts to re-think her relationship with Tucker.


Lauralee Bell: She will be sticking around Y&R a bit longer.