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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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Confessions, an arrest and a toe-curling kiss sends the town of Llanview into a whirl this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of August 16.


John/Hannah/Ford/Kelly: Hannah decides to screw Eli over and tells John everything she knows about him. She even spills the beans about Ford's fake confession of the identity of his attacker. Immediately after leaving Hannah's room, John brings Ford in for questioning. John hounds Ford until he tells him the truth about his confession and his prior dealings with Eli. Soon after, Natalie gives John the mug shot she pieced together from the shredded file of Bennett Thompson, who is really Eli Clarke. John feels like he has all the evidence he needs to get Bo and Nora to arrest Eli.

Meanwhile, Inez asks Eli to step in and help Ford. Eli gets to Ford and he repeals his statement to John. John feels the walls closing in on him but gets an idea at the last minute to continue his quest to put Eli away. John arrests Kelly for breaking into Eli's room! Later on, he tells her this is the only way to use the evidence she gathered against Eli. Will John be able to bury Eli?

Blair/Eli: Blair speaks to Eli about Kelly's suspicions of his past. She assures him that she doesn't believe Kelly and will stick by him. Eli thinks they should move the wedding date up and Blair agrees. Eli leaves Blair to do damage control on Ford. After finding out that John is hot on his trail, Eli tells Blair their wedding plans have to change yet again. How long will it be before Eli is caught?

David/Dorian: David and Dorian get into a huge argument that turns into passion when they begin to kiss! After kissing, they finally admit their deep love for one another and want to get married right away. They decide to have a double wedding with Blair and Eli. (Side Note: Didn't we have a double wedding last summer? Lather, Rinse, Repeat, One Life to Live). In the midst of planning the wedding, Dorian runs into to Viki. She confesses to Viki that her plan with Charlie worked and surprisingly invites her to the wedding. Will Dorian and David make it to the alter?

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Langston/Starr/James/Cole: After getting the third degree from Dorian about dating James, Langston has to deal with Starr. Starr is more than upset with Langston about her date with James. After speaking with Langston, Starr has a talk with Cole. Before she can tell him about Langston's actions, they have a difficult conversation about Cole's belief of Hannah's innocence. Will Cole and Starr be able to make it through this major bump in the road?

Jessica/Brody: Jessica is deeply shaken to find out that she slept with Ford on prom night. Jessica tells Kelly about her recently discovered information. Later on, Brody walks in on Jessica making an appointment with her OB for a paternity test. When will the secrets between Jessica and Brody come to light?

Todd/Tea/Dani/Greg: Todd and Dani are miserable without Tea. Todd decides he can't take it anymore and asks Shaun to help him find Tea. Todd leaves with Shaun to find Tea and Dani stays with Blair. At the hospice, Tea confesses to Greg her feelings about the end of her life. However, Tea doesn't know that earlier in the week Greg contacted Eli stating that she is at hospice and their plan is going smoothly (Side Note: Oh Hell No!). Will Todd find Tea before Eli and Greg's scheme's come to a head?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (August 23rd):

  • Ross Returns.
  • David and Dorian's wedding spins out of control.
  • News of Natalie's pregnancy spreads.
  • Eli continues to stay ahead of John.
  • Blair discovers a gun.
  • Kelly gains an ally.