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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason continues to insist to Carly that she stop the revenge plan against Lante, for Michael’s sake, but Carly insists that payback is more important to her.

Morgan pays Sonny a visit, because he thinks he’s lonely. Carly shows up, sends Morgan home, and yells at Sonny for all the bad that he’s done and the fact that Michael is permanently damaged from his stay in prison.

Lucky tries to counsel Lulu about marriage and she claims things are fine now with Dante, so why stir the pot?

The more Dante drinks his spiked beer, the drunker he gets and the looser he becomes around Brook. She helps things along by stripping down to her tank top and telling him how much she had a crush on him when she was younger.

Matt catches Maxie spying on Lisa, who’s busy spying on Patrick. Matt checks Lisa’s charts and tells Maxie that Lisa has been asking for Patrick to consult on most of her cases, even those that don’t need a neurosurgeon.

Lisa tells Patrick they can meet in secret. He tries to remind her that she means nothing to him, just as Robin returns from her visit with Anna.

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Nik, Liz and the boys are packing up stuff to bring to Windemere. Nikolas tells Liz that if she’s not ready for this step he will understand, but she’s eager to get going. Original recipe Aiden has been replaced, by a newer, older, yet still adorable looking Aiden.

Michael shows up at the PCPD to thank Lucky for covering for him and insists that the car that shot at Johnny was not one of Sonny’s. Lucky tells Michael that he needs to back away from the war between the mobsters.

Robin pays Liz a visit and they discuss her moving into Windemere. Robin asks if she and Nik are a couple, but Liz feels it’s too early to make statements like that and she’s taking time to put her kids first.

Lucky calls Jason down to the PCPD and informs him of what happened with the shooting and how Michael was in the wrong place at the wrong time and asks Jason to broker a truce between Sonny and Johnny.

Lisa lets herself into the Scrubs house again. When Patrick gets home later, he finds a frantic Robin, looking for her HIV meds. Lisa disposes of the meds in the hospital garbage.

Jason comes home to an ecstatic Sam, who puts on her skimpy outfit for Jason’s admiration.

Maxie asks Lucky to do a background check on Lisa, because she’s worried about what Dr. Nyles is up to.

Brook takes Dante home and continues to ply him with beer. Dante’s reservations are down and he appreciates her beauty. Brooke hauls him in for a kiss. Lulu walks in to find them half naked, making out on the couch.