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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu FREAKS OUT and pulls Brook off of Dante.  The two smack each other before Lulu throws Brook out.  Lulu screams at Dante that he swore he loved her, but he's confused as to who she is and where he is.  He thinks he's in Bensonhurst and continues to babble about that and about how beautiful she is.  It doesn't take her long to figure out that he's been drugged. She wants to take him to the hospital, but he's worried he'll lose his badge if they find out he's stoned.

Maxie and Lucky discuss their past relationship, Liz moving into Windemere and why Maxie thinks Lisa is stalking Patrick. 

Sonny insists to Carly that he's planning on brokering a truce with Johnny to make sure the kids are safe.  She says she's heard all this before and isn't impressed.  She goes home to Jax, who convinces her to take the kids and go away for a couple of days.  Carly tries to convince Jax to come along, but he has other plans.

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Michael shows up at Jason's to talk, inadvertently interrupts JaSam and feels bad about it.  He and Jason discuss how easy things were when he was a kid, how Jason, Carly and Sonny would usually fix whatever mess he made, but this time they can't fix what prison did to him.  When he leaves, Sam asks if Michael will ever get better, but Jason says no.

Maya asks to see Johnny, concerned for Ethan's safety.  Johnny assures her that Ethan will be fine.  When Ethan shows up, Johnny leaves, and he and Maya enjoy some dancing together. 

Liz and the boys enjoy thier first day at Windemere and  Nik has a cute chat with Aiden.  Rebecca Herbst spends the entire time hiding behind a plant, so as not to show her belly.

Robin insists that she had a full month's worth of meds when she left for New York.  Patrick offers to pick up her new prescription.  Steven basically tells Lisa that she can't ask Patrick to consult on her cases anymore.  When Patrick shows up, Steven tells him the new rule, which he's grateful for.  Patrick confronts Lisa about the missing medication, which she denies and blames it again on Robin.  When Patrick gets back home with the medication, Robin asks what happened to their wedding picture and he lies and said he accidentally broke it.

Brook runs to Sonny to tell him that she was making out with Dante and Lulu caught them.  Sonny is very blase about the whole and sort of gives her his blessing.  Brook heads over to Carly's and tells her what happened.  Carly pays her money, but says she wants Brook to keep putting the heat on Lante.

Jason goes to Sonny to tell him that Michael saved Johnny.  Sonny says he needs to broker a truce with Johnny, but doesn't want Jason to do it. Rather, he wants a third party.  Johnny tells Ethan that he's planning on killing Sonny on Friday night and wants Ethan to be his witness. 

Michael comes home to an unconscious Dante.  Lulu tells him that Brook drugged Dante and asks if Michael can keep an eye on him.  She's planning on finding Brook and making her pay.