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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante wakes up with a hangover and a concerned Michael explains what happened. Dante remembers nothing after Jake's and feels badly for mistreating Lulu.

Lulu tells Maxie the story, who instantly belelives that Brook drugged Dante, since she's a skank and a liar.

Brenda tells Suzanne that Murphy proposed, but that she hasn't given him an answer. In my neck of the woods, a non-answer is pretty much a no. She says there's still a guy holding her heart and Suzanne tells her to either call him or move on.

Robin pays Sonny a visit to see if he has contacted Brenda yet. He claims he's been busy (there are only so many hours in the day, once you've put your kids in danger). Robin insists that they had a past and should reconnect.

Jason and Sam discuss a possible trip now that he's out. Ronnie shows up, says one of Johnny's properties was torched and that Jason is the prime suspect and hauls him in. Sam heads over to Sonny's to see if he is, in fact, responsible, but he assures her that he isn't.

Mike and Olivia make small talk about Michael, Dante and Sonny. Mike pleads for Sonny's case regarding Dante, but Olivia's not interested. Johnny shows up and Mike, again, refuses him service. Johnny points out that Mike doesn't own Kelly's, and that the Spencers would serve him. Mike's answer is that if he hears it from a Spencer, he'll give Johnny service. Olivia warns Johnny to stop his vendetta. Otherwise, his business won't be wanted anywhere. Johnny proclaims that she still loves him, but she just walks away.

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Maxie runs into Brook at Kelly's and confronts her. Brook denies everything. Maxie claims that Port Charles doesn't need a slut like Brook and to pack her bags and leave or Maxie will expose the truth. When Johnny shows up, Maxie warns him to stay away from Brook, as she likes to drug her dates. Brooke pleads with Johnny to believe that it's all lies.

Ethan shows up and, together, he and Johnny go into Kelly's. Ethan proceeds to inform Mike to serve Johnny, which Mike begrudgingly does.

Dante shows up at Crimson, with flowers, cupcakes and apologies. He insists he feels nothing for Brook other than as a sister. He promises never to betray Lulu's trust and Lulu accepts his apology, but declares that she's very angry with Brook.

Ronnie tries to get information from Jason by bringing Michael into the interrogation room and bringing up the drive-by shooting. Both boys clam up in time for Diane to show up and tear a strip off of Ronnie. She gets Michael released, but Jason is held for questioning.

Sonny summons Spinelli to do a media search on Brenda and I wonder why Sonny can't use Google all by himself. Spinelli finds lots of articles on Brenda and her charity work and he's in awe of her beauty.

Lulu calls Olivia over to Crimson, to explain what Brook has done. Dante requests a meeting with Brook and asks what happened. Brook takes a page from Lisa's book of lying and claims that Dante was all over her. Dante asks her point blank if she drugged him and I think Brook should tell the truth about Carly's involvement. Otherwise, she looks like a ho who's ruining her relationship with a childhood friend for nothing.

Brenda has Sonny's phone number and starts calling, just as Sonny starts calling Brenda from the number that Robin left him.

Spinelli comes home to find Sam in bad-ass chick mode. She tells him she's going to do some investigating of her own, to find out who's really responsible for Johnny's property damage, so she can prove that Ronnie's trying to blackmail Jason. It's about time that girl got off the couch and started earning her P.I. license.