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General Hospital-Perkie's Observations

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Strange ending for a Friday cliffhanger... or rather, the last scene is not the one I would have chosen.  But first things first.

Jason's worried what Sam will do, but he's stuck in lockup with Diane.  When Ronnie shows up, Diane tears a strip off of him, as does Claire when she gets there. 

Sam infiltrates the Lopez warehouse and manages to get some information from the men talking. Then she jumps into their van as it's leaving.

Ethan questions Johnny as to whether prison time, or death, is worth killing Sonny and reminds him that if he kills Sonny, Jason will come after him.  Johnny declares that he'll have to deal with Jason as well.  Ethan draws the line in the sand. He has no interest in Johnny's death wish.

Lulu tells Olivia what happened, saying she believes that Brook drugged Dante.  Olivia refuses to believe the worst of Brook and claims that it's possible someone else at Jake's, who hates Dante, may have been the one.

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Brook turns on the waterworks for Dante, blaming him for hitting on her and giving her mixed messages.  Here she thought he wanted her – poor, poor her.  She claims she would never do anything to hurt him and swears up and down that she didn't drug him.  He agrees to let it go and maintain their friendship.  When Olivia shows up, Brook admits to having a crush on Dante and Olivia demands to know if she is the one who drugged Dante.

Suzanne tells Brenda that the stalker who tried to stab her is part of a Russian syndicate.  This brings up memories of Sonny and Brenda tells Suzanne about their time in Puerto Rico (along with flashbacks of a very scary clothing era!).  Suzanne tells Brenda that she's romanticizing a thug (yeah Suzanne) and that she should stay away from Sonny.  She also tells Brenda that a famous artist is interested in her.  Gee, wonder who that could be.?

Patrick gives Robin a new wedding picture to replace the one that was broken.  Lisa makes small talk with Robin, but when she asks Patrick for a consult, he blows her off and sends her to Matt. Lisa is not a happy camper.   Robin and Maxie talk.  Maxie tells her that she found Lisa at their house.  Robin confronts Patrick and asks if it's possible that Lisa took the HIV meds. 

Kristina shows up at Sonny's for a visit, and when she checks his computer, she finds the information on Brenda.  She's quite aware of who Brenda Barrett is, but never knew that she had dated Sonny.  Sonny explains his relationship with Brenda.  Kristina asks if he can get ahold of Brenda for a report, and he suggests she talk to Robin, as he doesn't want to stir up bad memories for Brenda.

Dante shows up at the PCPD and questions Ronnie as to why Jason is in lockup.  The two have round #4354 of how Dante isn't doing his job in putting Jason and Sonny away.  Dante talks to Jason, who says that Sonny is willing to negotiate with Johnny.  Claire comes in and releases Jason.  Sam calls as he's leaving the PCPD and tells him that she's stuck in Lopez' truck.

Sonny's leaving a phone message for Robin about Kristina. When he turns around, Johnny's there with a gun.  Sonny pleads that he wants a truce, but when something distracts them, Sonny shoots Johnny in the chest and runs off. 

Ronnie finds Johnny on the street.  Johnny tells him that Sonny shot him.  Ronnie takes Johnny's gun, calls in the shooting and puts out an APB on Sonny, declaring that Johnny was unarmed.  Sonny walks into his living room, leaving a message for Diane, and finds Dante there, waiting for him.

Patrick and Robin come home and ask the nanny about Emma, only to be told that Dr. Nyles took Emma out for an ice cream (an OMG moment if there ever was one, and totally should have ended the episode).

Franco's curator shows up to talk to Brenda, to tell her that Franco is interested in her.  Seriously, Lisa has gorgeous Emma, Sonny just shot Johnny, and this is what ends a Friday?