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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Bill/Liam/Thorne: The men take paternity tests to determine who is Liam's father. Color me surprised with this revelation, chickadees. Thorne (remember him?) is Liam's father. Didn't see that coming, since we don't SEE Thorne! The Forrester clan welcomes Liam into the fold, while Dollar Bill celebrates not having Liam as his own.

Hope: She starts to contemplate seeing her real dad, Deacon.

Oliver: He makes the choice to quit Forrester Creations. Oliver makes this decision after viewing the way Brooke was dealt with, thinking he should be treated the same way.

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Brooke: She takes time away from Forrester Creations, thinking it will help Ridge and Steffy's relationship.

Ridge: His planned evening with Brooke is brought to a halt by someone she's desperate to see.

Thomas: He becomes Team Brooke. Thomas is pissed about his mother's gift to Steffy (seem familiar?). Guess Dr. Hayes didn't see that coming.

Bridget/Owen: An antsy Bridget goes into labor while she's staying at Big Bear cabin. Owen steps in and helps Bridget deliver their baby. An emotional Bridget is awestruck holding her bundle of joy.

Amber: She ruffles Agnes' feathers with her demeanor towards Nick.

The young men will be in a battle for Hope.