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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Stephanie gets info that Philip is the father of Chloe’s baby. She enlists her friend to help rig the paternity results in Daniel’s favor. When the two hack into Chloe’s files, they find out the results have already been fixed. Steph thinks that Philip is behind the entire thing and goes to question him. Miss Johnson finds out that Philip was at Titan, so she leaps to the next suspect, Chloe. Stephanie heads over to Chloe’s, under the false pretense of presenting her with a gift for her baby. While at Daniel and Chloe’s, Steph uses the opportunity to send an email, so she can get Chloe’s IP address to verify if Chloe switched the results. Stephanie and her friend realize it wasn’t Chloe and become stumped as to who tampered with the DNA results. Steph is hell-bent on finding the culprit, so she can assist in the scheme.

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He starts to close in on who shot EJ.

Chloe: She snaps at Nathan when he starts to get inquisitive about her baby.

EJ/Sami/Rafe: Roman busts in on EJ and Sami’s wedding and handcuffs his daughter! At first, everyone believes Roman is there to arrest EJ or Stefano and even Kate. Roman grabs Sami and begs her not to marry EJ and to come with him. Sami lets her dad know that she can take care of herself and to allow her to do so. Roman relents and lets his daughter proceed.

Later, Rafe crashes the wedding and pleads with Sami to not marry EJ. Rafe asks her to listen to what he has to say for Grace’s sake and Sami ushers everyone out, except Rafe and EJ. Rafe tells Sami that EJ was the mastermind behind Sydney’s kidnapping. EJ feigns innocence, while Sami sides with him. Rafe pulls out his trump card, Nicole’s recording of EJ confessing all. It all sinks in for Sami and Rafe decides to leave her alone with EJ so they can have their showdown.

EJ goes in defense mode and tells Sami that if she didn’t lie about Grace, this wouldn’t have set the ball in motion with Sydney’s kidnapping. At first, it looks as though Sami is starting to understand EJ’s point of view, but nobody messes with Sami Brady and her tribe of kids! Sami lights into EJ, gathers up her basketball team (kids) and heads out of the DiMera mansion. Afterwards, Sami goes to Rafe and pleads for his forgiveness. Meanwhile, a dejected EJ gets trashed in his room and puts a plan in motion.

EJ: He is found shot and rushed to the hospital. Sami visits him at the hospital and is shocked when he responds to her words.