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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Jack/Victor: The adversaries team up to take Adam down. Jack uses Victor’s money to infiltrate Adam and Skye’s hedge fund.

Adam: He rubs in his lawsuit into Victor’s face, resulting in a nice slug to the face by dear ole’ dad.

Phyllis: Jack watches Phyllis’ behavior and tells his ex-wife he can tell she’s starting to unravel. Phyllis goes to see Nick and lets him know she will shape up and fly right for their daughter’s sake. Everything goes to hell when Phyllis finds out from Nick that Sharon and Faith are now staying at the tack house. Phyllis flips when she hears Summer is sleeping over with Sharon and Faith and rips into Nick. She calls Nick a thoughtless jerk for allowing Sharon to stay in their house and sleep in their bed. Later, Phyllis bumps into Deacon and the two get down and dirty in an alley.

Phyllis/Adam: Phyllis is served with Adam’s papers regarding his lawsuit. When she spots him out, Phyllis tosses a drink in his face and lets him know she is going to bring him and Skye to their knees. Big Red of old is back, and Adam better take cover!

Meggie/Nikki: The barmaid decides working for Nikki isn’t enough for her. She wants Nikki's life by hook or crook and sets her plan into motion. Meggie tricks Nikki into drinking. Watch for Nikki’s new attitude to shock everyone and delight viewers. Nikki will start to become combative with Victor, which puzzles him.

Nick/Sharon/Adam: Adam visits with Sharon at the ranch and begs for another chance. Nick freaks and lays into them both. Adam retreats, but before he does, tells Nick to lay off Sharon. Nick lets Sharon know he doesn’t want Faith near Adam.

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Billy/Victoria: The two decide to take their relationship to the next level by getting tattoos. Victoria has “Billy Forever” placed on her back while Billy gets Victoria etched on his shoulder. Before Billy’s tattoo is finished, the tattoo artist has a heart attack. Billy has only the “Victor” in his beloved Victoria’s name. Billy and Victoria’s lives take another turn and the pair decide to go house hunting.

Victor: He does a good deed for Billy and Victoria.

Tucker/Ashley: Ms. Abbott starts to have second thoughts about her relationship with Mr. McCall and dumps him. Tucker leaves but decides to return and fight for Ashley only to find the door is locked. Tucker begs Ash to let him in but she tells him to take a hike. Tucker takes matters into his own hands and hurls a chair through the window to get into the house! Tucker pulls Ashley into a kiss and the two get down and dirty on the floor.

JT/Victoria: JT is dumbstruck when he finds out how far Victoria went to be with Billy. He becomes upset over Victoria’s new outlook on life and the two have yet another fight.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys are stunned when they get word Cane’s immigration case has been moved up. Cane and Lily are heartbroken he may be deported before the twins are christened. Michael jumps in to help. Olivia returns to Genoa City for the twins’ celebration. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Sofia try to keep their attitudes in check. Cane, Mac and Lily have a tender moment together.

Phillip: He arrives back in Genoa City with news.

Paul/Nina: The gumshoe informs Nina he received a text message from someone he’s working with to track her missing son. Nina starts to inch closer to finding her boy.

Deacon: He rubs in Daniel’s face his encounters with Phyllis. Deacon smugly asks Daniel if he can talk him up to Phyllis!

Kevin/Jana: The Fishers marriage ends when Kevin files with the courts. Jana is crushed when she’s slapped with divorce papers.