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One Life to Live Spoilers

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A "death", a wedding, and a fugitive on the run turn things upside down in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of August 23rd.

Dani goes to Shaun and begs him to find her mother. Shaun tells her Tea doesn't want to be found and leaves. On his way out, Shaun is kidnapped. He wakes up to see Todd standing over him. Todd explains to Shaun that he found out about his involvement in bringing Tea to hospice. Shaun knows he can't lie anymore and agrees to take Todd and Dani to see Tea.


Meanwhile, at the hospice Tea realizes she wants to be with Todd and Dani when she dies. Todd and Dani arrive at the hospice, but sadly they are too late. Greg tells them Tea passed away during the night. Is Tea really dead or is it one big scheme calculated by Eli and Greg?

Kelly/Ford/John/Brody: John pretends to arrest Kelly so she can convince Ford to go through with bringing Eli down. Kelly gets to Ford by saying that putting Eli in jail is the perfect way to protect his little brother James. A little later, John and Kelly obtain an arrest warrant for Eli. John, Kelly and Brody go to arrest Eli at his cabana, but it is empty when they arrive. The three of them put their heads together and figure out Eli is on the run.

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They begin to worry when no one can find Blair and come to the conclusion that she is with him. John and Brody search the country club to try and get a lead on Eli’s whereabouts. Kelly goes to Rex to see if they can figure out where Eli is. Rex and Kelly believe Eli and Blair are in Tahiti. Will John be able to find Eli and Blair before it's too late?

Things for David, Dorian, Blair and Eli's double wedding are coming together. David runs into Viki and tells her the plan to get him back together with Dorian worked. David and Dorian's wedding goes down the tubes when Dorian receives a note from David via Viki. In the letter, David tells Dorian he's not ready to commit to her and the wedding is off. Dorian is crushed and ends up getting drunk.

However, Dorian has no clue that David has been kidnapped by Clint and thrown into a Moroccan prison. Clint reveals himself to David and tells him this is payback for blackmailing Kim. Will Dorian ever find David?

Eli tells Blair he can't go through with the double wedding because he wants them to have their own special wedding somewhere else. Blair is unsure about this because she promised Tea that she would take care of Dani and can't leave the child alone. Eli does some smooth talking and gets Blair to agree to get married elsewhere. Blair tells Dorian that they should spilt up the double wedding, Dorian concurs.

Eli whisks Blair off to Tahiti to get married. Eli begins to think of ways to keep Blair in Tahiti for as long as possible. Blair is eager to get back to Llanview because of Dani. Blair finds a gun in a drawer before her wedding to Eli. Blair and Eli wed even though Blair is slow to say, "I do" to Eli. Will Blair figure out who Eli really is before time runs out?

Cole/James/Starr/Langston: Cole drops in to see Hannah and it is evident the two have feelings for each other. A little later, Cole pays James a visit and sternly warns him to stay away from Starr. James doesn't care and starts to text Starr flirtatious messages. Starr sends him angry messages back and demands that he stop flirting with her. In turn, James starts to focus on Langston. Ford can't stand James trying to hook up with Langston and orders his brother to start paying rent. Later on, Starr and Langston have it out over James. How long will it be before Starr and Cole implode?

Sneak Peeks for Next Week (August 30th):

  • Eli and Blair wrestle over a gun
  • A fire sets Tahiti a blaze
  • Starr arranges a memorial service for Tea
  • John goes to look for Blair and Eli
  • Kelly, Rex, and John learn that Ross is alive
  • Ford and James settle their differences