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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny decides to trust Dante and confesses that he shot Johnny in self defense.  Dante doesn't believe self defense, but Sonny swears that if he wanted Johnny dead, he would have filled him with bullet holes, gotten his goons to get rid of the body and clean up the evidence (rather than leave Johnny to die on the street, while he ran home to call his attorney).  Dante eventually believes him.  Ronnie throws the gun in the river and shows up at Sonny's door to arrest him.  Dante insists that Sonny was going in to confess to self defense and looks shocked when Ronnie tells him that Johnny was unarmed.

Patrick and Robin decide to search everywhere Lisa could be before calling the police.  When Patrick returns home, Lisa and Emma are there.  Patrick tears a strip off of Lisa, who insists Emma is fine and was having fun getting ice cream.  Lisa says they'd make a great little family...if something happened to Robin.

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Sam tells Jason her location.  When the truck stops she gets out and is joined by Jason (who apparently took a time travelling machine to get to her that quickly).  They fight off Lopez' men, but eventually get the phone with the evidence taken away and destroyed.  They overtake Lopez' men and take off in the truck.  Once they realize the truck is likely fully of illegal substances (i.e drugs), they figure they need to ditch it, but before they get a chance to, police show up.

Ethan shows up at the hospital, concerned for Johnny.  Lucky questions why Ethan knew Sonny was the shooter and what Johnny had planned.  When Johnny wakes up, he asks for Ethan (like a true romantic couple would!!!).  Ethan questions what when wrong with Johnny's plan.

Jax and Claire have a conversation about Sonny.  He claims she's like all the other women that have fallen for him.  She claims she's just gathering evidence to use at the right moment.  Claire gets the call about Johnny and takes off, ready to use that evidence.

Boring stuff happened with Brenda.  She turns down the curator, since Franco is a crazy serial killer.  Later on, someone's waiting in her room.  Ooooh, is she in danger?  I wish I cared.