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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kimberly McCullough

Performer of the day:Kimberly McCullough.

As a Robin fan – from the minute she walked into Port Charles as a 7-year-old – and as a subsequent Scrubs fan, my heart broke for her and her marriage today.

Lisa doesn't understand why everyone is freaking out at her.  She claims she was doing something nice and that she had left word at Patrick's office that she would be taking Emma off their hands for a short period of time.  Robin accuses her of having taken Emma to scare them.  Lisa claims Robin is paranoid and leaves.  Patrick finally tells Robin the truth and her family is shattered.  Robin demands to know details, saying she'd rather not picture what she thinks happened.  Patrick assures her that it happened only the one time.  Robin realizes that Lisa was behind the destruction of the picture, the theft of the meds and the reason Patrick got her a new wedding photo.  She screams at him to leave and when she does, breaks down into tears.

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Sonny insists that Johnny had a gun. Ronnie says otherwise and Dante believes the evidence.  Sonny begs Dante to believe him, but he's not interested.  Diane meets them at the PCPD and Sonny admits that he confessed to self-defense.  Claire shows up with a tape of Sonny saying he would provoke Johnny enough to have him come after him and then he would defend himself.  Diane tells Sonny that it will be difficult for her to do anything and Sonny insists on speaking to Claire.  He claims it was self-defense, but she informs him that she has the evidence and he's out of luck.

The police officer stops JaSam because of a flat tire and offers to help them change it.  Sam tells him that they are lost.  Jason says he'll change the tire, and when the officer gets another call, he leaves without seeing the back of the truck.  JaSam set fire to the truck and plan to take off on foot, but Sam twists her ankles (must have been the shoes!), so he carries her off.

Brenda and Murphy talk about boring stuff that has nothing to do with anything.  He still wants to marry her.  She doesn't want to give up her life for marriage.  But they leave together.

Johnny briefly speaks to Ethan before lapsing into unconsciousness.  Steve takes him off to surgery.  Ethan thanks Maya for her excellent care.  Lucky asks Ethan whether Johnny ususally carries a gun, since one wasn't found at the scene.  Lucky tells Dante that he thinks Ethan knows more than he's telling. 

Michael meets up with Jax, who tells him that Sonny was arrested for shooting Johnny. Michael wonders why Sonny would do that now.  Michael runs into Dante at the hospital and wants him to give Sonny the benefit of the doubt.  Dante says the evidence proves otherwise.