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General Hospital Spoilers!

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You go after my husband and then “kidnap” my kid… hell yeah, I’m going to threaten to end your life. Do I mean it literally? Most likely not. Apparently, Lisa Niles takes it seriously enough to report Robin to Lucky. Gee Lisa, when you took Emma without Robin or Patrick’s permission, they waited on calling the Police, but when it comes to a rightfully angered wife and mother, you go a tattle telling. Give me a break. Dr. Niles feels her life is in danger, especially when she finds her locker in shambles and convered in blood. Karma, Lisa – it's karma and it’s biting you right in the butt. Of course, Lisa is pointing fingers in Robin’s direction for the trashed locker. Could it be that Dr. Niles needs a doctor of her own to settle whatever is going wrong in that head of hers?

Lisa throws herself in front of Robin’s car! And then she claims that Robin tried to kill her! Will this crazy bitch just go away already? Not yet! Another literal movie ripoff needs to take place first. Robin finds one of Emma’s toys boiling in her lab. Then, Dr. Niles convinces (or tricks, depending on how look at it) a co-worker to switch spots with her, putting her in the OR with Patrick.

I must admit, while I’m not a fan of Dr. Niles…Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough redeemed this entire storyline with Patrick’s confession. These actors proved in these scenes why Scrubs has Super Couple power. Can Robin look past Patrick’s betrayal and forgive her hubby? Despite his countless apologies, Robin just can’t seem to forgive his transgression. Would you? I’m such a fan of these two that I can’t help but root for them to work it out. Is this all one big old smoke screen though? Are Scrubs trying to put one over on Lisa to keep Robin’s butt out of a jail cell?

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Brenda… *sigh* I haven’t had a blog up since Ms. Barrett’s return to the GH fold, so here will be my two cents on the situation. This has been a terrible way to bring her back, especially if you expected her to bring back the numbers she brought with her last time. I admit, I haven’t paid too much attention to the ratings for the time around her return. I was strapped to a parking lot slinging booze at the time. However, there is zero suspense and very little to tie her to anyone in Port Charles, as with her last return. This longtime fan is bored to tears, except for the occasional flashback. I can only imagine that a few of you agree with me. What’s ahead for the world’s shortest supermodel? Sonny finds her in Rome! On the run from the attempted murder charges and the fear that he won’t make bail, Sonny decides to flee Port Chuck and head to Rome in search of Brenda, who has agreed to become Mrs. Murphy Sinclair.

Everyone is covering for Sonny… Dante testifies that his father is not a flight risk, despite daddy dearest already leaving on a jet plane. Olivia believes Sonny’s self-defense story, despite begging her boyfriend to live so that they may be together. I know he’s actually telling the truth this time. What will Olivia do when she hears Johnny lie to Claire about being unarmed?

Back to Brenda… Jason figures out that Sonny jumped bail to go to Rome to see Brenda. Dante steps up for his siblings, who find out their dad fled the country without even a good-bye. Carly wants Jax to get to Brenda before Sonny can. Sonny gets to Brenda first and, as their eyes meet, Brenda is attacked! “The Balkan” is after Jamey’s beloved Brenda. Despite warnings that she should move back stateside, Brenda refuses to bend to the threat.

Is Carly confessing? Brook threatens to spill all to Lulu when Carly refuses to cough up the cash for breaking up Lante. With nothing left to lose, Brook shows up at Dante’s and tells Lulu the whole story. Unable to believe that Carly would do this to her, Lulu confronts her cousin. Carly shocks Lulu when she confesses to the scheme, but Carly never goes down that easy. She changes the story enough to make Brook the one to take the ultimate fall.

With nowhere else to go… Brook Lynn ends up at the Quartermaines. Granny Tracy catches her stealing from Edward’s piggy bank and gives her the boot. Nikolas offers her a place to stay at Wyndemere and a job as his escort. Where’s Elizabeth? She went to be with her sister Sarah… aka Rebecca Herbst’s maternity leave.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Jason, Sam, shoot-out. Jason, Sam, Lucky burning cabin. Sonny confides in Brenda that he is on the run. Dante and Lulu hit the sheets. Tracy misses Luke. Nikolas needs Brook to have proper etiquette. Matt wants the real deal with Maxie. Will Jason and Dante work together to prove Sonny is innocent? Michael still struggles with his time in prison. One of Kristina’s friends flirts with him and Michael tells Jax he doesn’t want to go back to his old high school. Is Sam a little insecure about Brenda being back? Is Johnny offering Lucky a job?