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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Marissa and JR are finally over… woo… hoo? I have been such a champion of JR and Annie, but for some reason lately I’ve found myself liking Scott and Annie. Who knew!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Marissa and JR have ended, mostly because I’m hoping this gives Marissa a one-way ticket out of Pine Valley, but I’m not so sure I’m on the JR and Annie team anymore, at least not currently. I can be wooed, especially with a little heat courtesy of Jacob Young and Melissa Claire Egan. Annie is committed to Scott, but leaves to meet JR after making love to her husband. How will Annie feel when JR tells her he accepts that she is with Scott?

Road to divorce… Marissa and JR tell AJ they are splitting up and work out a custody arrangement.

David almost destroys the “evidence” against Greenlee… he’s thinking about it anyways. David feels his wife has proved her loyalty to him and thinks this is a way to show Greenlee he trusts her. Are all bets off when David overhears Ryan and Greenlee making plans to take David down? David tells Greens he’ll do some harm to Ryan if she doesn’t get him to back off.

Ryan apologizes to Madison… for spending way too much time on trying to get Greenlee away from David. Madison plays the understanding girlfriend who later has how upset she is all over her face and David wants to know what’s got her so upset. After her run in with David, Madison tells Greenlee she knows why Ryan’s assistance is needed to get away from David.

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Does Jake want to be Chief of Staff? He says he’ll take the job until Angie is ready to reclaim it, but Angie knows it’s not what Jake really wants. Will Angie decide the Chief of Staff job can’t be Jake’s?

Angie’s condition is getting worse. During a visit with Miranda, Angie has an episode. When Caleb gets there, Angie tells him she smells smoke. Caleb once again becomes a Kane woman’s hero when he rescues Miranda who is rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. Bianca arrives at the hospital and is relieved to find out that Miranda will be ok. What about Angie? Will she be ok? She’s afraid her vision loss is permanent this time around and that her life as a doctor is over.

The party must go on… and Angie attends. David claims he has a letter ready to go that will have Angie ousted as the Chief of Staff once the board learns of her illness. Krystal goes to the party as Caleb’s date. At the party, the Mayor makes Liza the interim DA. Caleb announces his intentions to change his last name to Cortlandt just as a guest collapses at his feet.

Who’s dying in Pine Valley? SPOILERS say it’s a “major character” and its murder. Who killed the deceased? What will the autopsy show? Someone is confessing to Natalia. The “guilty” party wants to cut a deal with the new DA.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Ryan is almost caught in Liza’s office searching through her files. David and Ryan fight at the party. Madison gets drunk. JR does not like Asher. Scott doesn’t believe that AJ will be a priority in JR’s life. Angie gets “devastating” news. JR wants Colby to be the nanotech project spokesperson.

More on the "major character" going six feet under... or are they? RUMOR has it that David MAY be the one at Caleb's feet and the good, uh bad, doctor COULD be playing just another one of his games. With so many of Pine Valley's finest wishing and wanting David dead, COULD David be faking his own death? Will David be playing puppet master to all the possible suspects? IF this goes down, COULD "Who killed David?" be a good storyline?