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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin wakes up heavy-lidded and disheveled on the couch, to Maxie knocking on her door.  She tells Maxie the whole story and Maxie tells her not to give up on Patrick, that just because he cheated on her doesn't mean he doesn't love her.

Dante wakes up from an erotic dream of Brook Lynn, waking Michael up in the process.  Lulu shows up with coffee for Michael and, if I'm mistaken, Michael heads out to work in what he was wearing when he woke up.  Dante again apologizes for the Brook Lynn fiasco.  Lulu questions why Dante was drinking with Brook.  Speak of the devil! Brook starts banging on the door and turning the doorknob, so Lulu lets her in.  They go off and Brook insists that she was as much a victim as Dante was, since he was hitting on her.  Dante insists to both girls that Brook is just a friend, but that he's in love with Lulu.  Brook tells them that she'll be waiting when they break up.  Lulu wonders if they need to put space between them, but Dante insists she's the girl for him.

Jason and Sam wake up in the woods. They find a cabin, where Jason makes them lunch – apparently with a magic wand, since there was no electricity and only canned goods.  Jason finds a jeep and tries to get it working but can't. When Sam heads out to help him, shots ring out at them. 

Steve notices that Patrick spent the night at the hospital, so Patrick spills the beans about the affair and the taking of Emma.  Steve mentions that Lisa has fallen into stalker territory.  Lisa walks by and says hello to them as though nothing has happened. 

Lucky calls Ethan in to question why Johnny would have been unarmed.  Then they have this weird conversation about how Ethan should become a cop and what he could do with a badge, versus what Lucky could do if he were to give up his badge. 

Brief Liz/Nik scene.  Nikolas takes the boys out to the stable to see the horses, but then overhears Liz telling baby Aiden about how she feels out of place at Windemere.

Ethan finds Kristina hanging out by Johnny's hospital room.  She's upset that Sonny shot Johnny. Ethan tells her there's plenty of blame to go around and that not everyone is all bad, including Sonny.

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Maxie talks to Lucky about the background check on Lisa and brings him up to date on the latest problems with Scrubs.  Lucky says there was nothing suspicious in Lisa's background. 

Robin runs into Lisa at work and calls her out.  She tells Lisa that she needs professional help and that she'll call the police.

Line of the day:

Robin to Lisa: "You're a homewrecking whore.  If you come near my baby again, I swear, I will kill you myself!"

Patrick tries to approach Robin, who yells at him to get his cheating butt away from her.

Lisa shows up at the PCPD to speak to Lucky about filing a police report against Robin, as she fears Robin will try to kill her.

Michael confronts Brook about the Dante issue and asks her point blank if she's working for Carly to break up Lante.