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DC #572: Podcast on a Hot Tin Roof: Christian LeBlanc Interview

In what may be the wildest Daytime Confidential podcast episode since, well Michael Muhney (sidenote: What IS in the water in Genoa City?), Luke and Jamey welcome Christian LeBlanc aka bad boy-turned barrister Michael Baldwin from The Young and the Restless, who this Saturday night, August 28, 2010, will be hosting the hottest sketch comedy show in Los Angeles—ACME Saturday Night at the ACME Comedy Theatre (located at 135 N. La Brea Avenue in Hollywood).


Honey chile, the spirits of Tennessee Williams, Faulkner and Margaret Mitchell were all circling the roof of the "DC Studios", as Luke tried to keep up with two bad ol' boys from the South! When Jamey and Christian weren't cuttin' up, talking in affected, over-the-top Southern accents about sketch comedy, the theatre, the fine art of Southern fried put downs and sugar tits, Christian managed to reveal which of his 3,745 Daytime Emmys means the most to him. He also waxed poetic about the art of transforming a dastardly soap villain into a beloved hero. But does he miss "Evil Michael"? His answer may surprise you.

LeBlanc also talks about what it's like working with several of his lovely leading ladies, Tracey Bregman (Lauren), Michelle "The Staff" Stafford (Phyllis) and Lauralee Bell, who recently reprised the role of Michael's one-time stalking victim Christine "Cricket" Blair Grainger Romalotti Williams. He also discussed his thoughts on the Sarah Smythe storyline and Michael and Lauren's current scenes opposite the newly-christened Jill Fenmore (Jess Walton).

Is he excited about former As The World Turns' leading lady Maura West coming to Genoa City as Michael's former co-conspirator Diane Jenkins? You'll have to download the podcast to find out. Speaking of World Turns, what are LeBlanc's thoughts on the soap where he got his start, coming to an end this September?

The New Orleans native— who still owns property there— also speaks to the amazing resilience of his people, who are continuing to rebuild the Crescent City after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina five years ago. This Podcast on a Hot Tin Roof will go down as one of the most insanely-soaptasic hours Luke and Jamey have ever attempted to host.

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