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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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As a Scrubs fan, it angers me that they didn't show up in this episode 'til almost the halfway point (22 minutes in). Annoying, considering they have a huge ongoing story right now.

Brook is floating down the river denial, telling Michael that he doens't know what he's talking about, but Michael clearly got himself a working brain while in prison. He tells her that it makes perfect sense, seeing as Carly never lets anything go and how he just heard Brook ordering expensive furniture when she should be broke. Lulu arrives and she and Brook argue over Dante. Brook warns her that she's not backing off.

Dante questions Maya on what she knows about Johnny. She claims that Johnny is a reckless but good guy. Olivia shows up to sit and talk with Johnny. Dante tells her that Johnny's life is chaotic and she deserves better. Olivia has decided that she loves Johnny enough that she doesn't care that he's a mob boy. She loves him and will take what she can get from him.

Diane tells Sonny that he will likely face attempted murder. He claims that this time he's innocent. I say, that karma, she can be quite the biatch. Sonny asks her to have Spinelli check out the surveillance on the street and to check in with Jason. Diane tells him Jason went off after Sam and neither can be found. Sonny asks to see Dante.

JaSam decide that Lopez' men have found them. I guess they left a trail of bread crumbs from the wrecked van to the conveniently located working cabin in the woods. Sam feels guilty that she got them into this mess. Jason's determined to get them out of it alive. I wonder where the heck Robin, Patrick and Lisa are.

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Nik overhears Liz tell Aiden that she feels uncomfortable at Windemere, but is determined to make it work. Nik calls Liz' sister Sarah and tells her Liz needs a break. Liz gets a call from Sarah, asking to come join her for awhile with the boys, so after Nik makes all the arrangements, Liz and the boys are off. Have a great maternity leave, Rebecca.

Robin and Patrick continue their argument, although away from Matt, Pif and Steve's listening ears. Robin says she feels betrayed that he's a liar and a cheat. Steve eventually breaks them up.

Line of the day:

Robin to Patrick: "You made me believe that my heart had found its home."

Lucky tells Lisa that he's slightly biased towards Robin, as he's known and been friends with her forever. Lisa spins a yarn that makes herself look good. When Lucky finally asks if she wants a restraining order, Lisa decides she doesn't, because she thinks things will cool down.

When Patrick gets home, Robin is packing his stuff, ready to kick him out. He begs her forgiveness, but she claims that cheating is like abuse. Do it once, they'll do it again. She wants him out.

Dante goes to see Sonny and, despite Sonny's claims of innocence, Dante says there's no evidence to support the self-defense. Dante doesn't believe him and brings up his own shooting, which is almost exaclty the same. Sonny says he learned something from the Dante shooting – never to shoot an unarmed man, to make sure it's a level playing field. He says there's no way he would have shot Johnny if he hadn't pulled a gun first.

Steve tells Lisa she should take some time off, but since she's still working up to her high standards, he really doens't have much of a leg to stand on. Lisa opens her locker and screams out.