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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Now that's how you have a Friday cliffhanger.....

Sonny wants all his kids to respect him, so he's decided you shouldn't shoot an unarmed man straight in the chest.  He continues to insist that Johnny had a gun and eventually Dante believes him.  Dante's determined to build a case to help Sonny, so he has Sonny go through the details of that night.  Sonny says Johnny pulled the gun but got distracted which allowed Sonny time to shoot him. 

Diane arrives, angry that Sonny is talking to Dante and insists that Dante doesn't want to help Sonny.  When Dante leaves, Diane gets very angry with Sonny and tears a couple of strips off of him, before leaving to file some motion. 

Jason and Sam continue to sit in the cabin, waiting for Santos' men to come in.  They reminisce about their time in Mexico and how much they mean to each other.  Eventually, Jason heads outside and when Santos' men come at the cabin, they get it from both barrels.  I'm sorry, but I just can't get into that storyline. 

Brenda and Murphy have more boring conversations.  When he steps out for a second, she starts reminiscing about Sonny and he wonders who she's thinking of when he comes back.  Eventually all their talk leads to her accepting his marriage proposal.

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Patrick wants another chance.  He tells Robin he loves her and Emma but she's upset that he didn't warn her that Lisa was potentially dangerous, until after she took Emma.  He tries to blame the Africa trip, that she was distant before she left, and I call baloney on that because they very clearly made up before she left. Then he throws Stone out there, claiming that it's hard to live in the shadow of her first love.  She's having none of it and eventually asks him to leave, which he tearfully does.

Lisa finds blood all over her locker and essentially blames Robin, as she tells Steven to tell whoever's cleaning it up to be careful.  Like Robin would actually use her own blood.  She's not the crazy one here.

Diane comes back to Sonny with Bennie and hypothetically tells Bennie that someone in Sonny's position should probably jump bail.  When she leaves, Bennie tells Sonny that he'll make the arrangements and where does Sonny want to go.  The answer:  Rome.

Lisa runs into Patrick in the street.  He tells her that she didn't just ruin his marriage but also Emma's life.  She tells him that sleeping with her made him relieved that his marriage is over.  He claims his marriage isn't over and that he's going to do everything to get Robin to forgive him.  He tells her that sleeping with her was the biggest mistake he ever made and no matter what happens with Robin, he'll never be with Lisa.

Lisa takes off, but watches Patrick from a distance.  Robin calls Patrick.  Seems finding one of Emma's plush toys has her softening and she decides she'll come pick him up so they can talk.  As she approaches in her car, with Patrick back turned, Lisa jumps out in front of the car and gets hit by Robin.