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EXPLOSIVE: Victoria Rowell Confronts Kristoff St. John and Darius McCrary on Sirius Radio!

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The Young and the Restless stars Kristoff St. John and Darius McCrary stopped by Jamie Foxx'sFoxhole radio show on Friday to discuss their work on the soap. The actors got a surprise call by Victoria Rowell , who dropped bombshells about the backstage pol-i-tricks going on at Y&R.

Among many explosive revelations, St. John reluctantly confirmed that he was in fact denied storyline following speaking out in the past (St. John appeared on Buzzworthy Radio) and revealed he went to the brass asking for Rowell's return. According to St. John, executive producer Maria Arena Bell said she would have to talk to others on the cast, who subsequently vetoed Rowell's return. An MVID of the audio from the Foxxhole interview was posted on You Tube. Check it out after the jump!

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