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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The show begins with a second showing of the car "accident". Robin jumps out of the car, while Patrick checks Lisa’s vitals. Robin is surprised to see that it was Lisa. EMTs take Lisa to the hospital, while the officers question Robin. Robin claims Lisa jumped out in front of her and the officers question why she would do that.

Brook meets with Carly and tells her the plan worked. Lulu caught Brante in the act and that Lante have broken up. Brook wants the rest of her money. Carly doesn’t believe her and demands proof of the break up. Brook admits they haven’t broken up, because Dante loves Lulu so much. Brook is upset that she’s messed up her friendship with Dante, and is worried about what Olivia may have told her mother and others back home. Carly says she’s not giving her any more money. Brook threatens to tell Lulu the truth.


Sonny tells Bernie he’ll jump bail and go to Rome. Bernie questions why Rome when he could just as easily go to the islands. Sonny tells Bernie to get Jason to protect all of his children, including Dante ,and to explain to them why he had to run.

Murphy gets a call from his agent. He’s needed back on set. He and Brenda head back to Rome and he leaves. Suzanne shows up to discuss charity work. Brenda tells her about the engagement. Suzanne asks if she loves Murphy. Brenda explains that theirs is not a "die for you" kind of love.

Jason and Sam manage to shoot a couple of Lopez’ men, but there are others. Lucky suddenly shows up (which was my first WTH of the episode). He claims he’s been following the Lopez’ since the problems with Johnny and it led him here. He tells Jason about Sonny’s problems and they try to figure out a way to get out of the cabin, and the mess they’re in. Someone throws a Molotov cocktail in with them. That oughta light a fire under their butts!!

Dante tells Lulu that he believes Sonny. Lulu is surprised Johnny was unarmed (a popular opinion around town). Despite her hatred for Sonny, Lulu will stand by her man if he believes Sonny is innocent.

Olivia shows up and acknowledges that Johnny would have had a gun and lets Sonny know she believes it was self defense. Isn’t that sweet? Sonny insists that since Dante’s shooting, he would never do anything unless it was self defense.

Stupid Line of The Day:

: “I will never take another man’s life when mine is not directly in dange.r”

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Well sure, unless you’re Johnny and I put a bomb in your car for dating my daughter, or if you’re Tomas Lopez, and I need to kill you to set up Johnny. Other than that, totally wouldn’t do it, man.

Brook shows up at the apartment and tells Lulu the truth. Lulu doesn’t believe her, so she calls Carly over. Carly admits to the whole thing.

Steve tells Scrubs Lisa will be fine, no serious injuries. Robin claims Lisa did it on purpose. Steve tells Robin about Lisa’s locker and that Lisa filed a complaint against Robin. Robin claims Lisa is trying to set her up.

Lisa’s being interviewed by Mac (in my second WTH moment of the day). Mac—who was sitting in a hospital bed recovering from a gun shot wound to the chest the last time we saw him—is now perfectly fine and back on the job. Lisa explains how she cheated with Patrick and that Robin’s been after her.

Mac is pissed at Patrick and despite Robin’s claims that Lisa is the guilty party; Mac tells her Lisa is doing an excellent job of making Robin look like the disturbed and dangerous one.

Sonny and Dante briefly discuss Brenda. Michael shows up and insists on seeing Sonny. He tells Sonny to run and not subject himself to prison. Sonny tells him to talk to his siblings and explain.

Diane comes in, angry that Sonny is again hanging out with Dante. She says the arraignment is in 15 minutes because Claire’s chomping at the bit to get at him. Sonny asks if he’ll get bail. Diane gives him what became  The Funny Line of The Day:

Diane to Sonny: “Well of course I can. And then we’re all going to sprout wings and fly with the piggies.”