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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Jackie: Stephanie tries to warn Ms. Marone about her marrige. Jackie refuses to listen and believes it will overcome the obstacle it faces.

Owen/Bridget: The new parents have a close moment after their son is born. Bridget names their baby boy Logan. Bridget finds a place for her and baby Logan to live. Meanwhile, Owen is conflicted over Bridget and their son or his wife Jackie.

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Bill/Liam: Well Brad Bell's pulled another fast one. Dollar Bill is in fact Liam's dad. Katie and Hope plot to bring Liam and Bill together. Bill is not thrilled to meet with him and the meeting doesn't go well. Liam is glad for Hope's help and the two go to the beach where he lets her know he wants to pursue a relationship.

Katie: She starts to wonder why Bill's acting weird with the news of Liam being his son. Katie starts to believe it has something to do with his past.