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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Two deaths, a fire, and a toe curling kiss turn things upside down in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of August 30th.

Blair is hesitant about marrying Eli, but eventually goes through with the ceremony. After the wedding, Kelly tells Blair everything she needs to know about her new husband. Blair confronts Eli about the new information and wonders if she will be his next casualty. Blair pulls out a gun and points it in Eli's direction. Eli tries to plead his innocence with Blair but she isn't having it. At the end of his rope, Eli confesses everything to Blair and drives home the point that he really loves her. Eli concludes his confession by asking Blair to go on the run with him. Blair can't believe her ears and is ready to hand him over to the police. Eli can't let Blair do that and they begin to wrestle for the gun. Suddenly, the gun goes off and Eli falls to the ground.

Blair begins to freak out and goes over to check on Eli. However, an overturned oil lamp that has set some curtains on fire distracts her. She tries her hardest to put the fire out but the place is going up fast. Out of nowhere, John shows up and takes Blair to safety. By this time, the fire is out of control and John can't go back inside the building to rescue Eli. The fire is extinguished as Blair and John head back to the police station. Eli's charred body makes it's way there and Blair comes unglued when she learns it is his body. Is Eli really dead or is this part of his plan?


John/Ross/Kelly/Rex: John, Kelly, and Rex discover that Ross is alive. Around the same time, John gets a call from Tahiti about Eli's whereabouts. The police have him in custody. John immediately tells Bo, who sends him to Tahiti to bring Eli and Blair back to Llanview. While John is on his way to Tahiti, Rex and Kelly grow closer.

John gets to the Tahiti police station only to discover that the police have Ross in custody not Eli. John can't deal with Ross right now and leaves to find Eli and Blair. Ross talks his way out of jail. Will John be able to get his hands on Eli?

Todd/Dani/Tea: Todd and Dani are crushed to learn that Tea died. Todd consoles Dani and they return to Llanview absolutely heartbroken. Do you think Tea is really dead?

Dorian is startled to find Clint in her bedroom. He starts messing with her head about David leaving her at the altar again. Later on, Clint talks to Matthew and wants him to apprentice at BE. Matthew agrees which doesn't sit well with Bo. What does Clint have up his sleeve?

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Cristian/Layla: Cristian and Layla excitedly plain for their wedding. While planning, they both receive phone calls for job offers in different cities. Will Cristian and Layla choose to stay together?

Ford and James have a talk and decide to call a truce. James agrees not to date Langston. A little later, Cole visits Ford and they have it out over Hannah. Ford tells Cole he had to lie about Hannah attacking him because Eli twisted his arm. Cole continues to be angry with Ford. Cole goes to Nora and wants to know Hannah's fate. Nora tells him she will still face charges for obstructing justice. Will Cole try to find a way to free Hannah of all charges?

Starr/Langston: Langston agrees to not see James anymore because of Starr's feelings for him. On the other side of town, Starr continues to reject her feelings for James by saying she loves Cole. Soon after, Langston pays her a visit. The two decide to take a writing class together and are surprised when they discover Ford is their teacher. While Starr learns her mother is in serious danger, Ford tries to make things right with Langston. It almost works when Langston falls into a kiss with Ford. However, she breaks away stating she is unable to trust him. Will Langston give Ford another chance?

Natalie/Jessica/Gigi: Jessica tells Kelly that Ford's blood type is the opposite of hers and she will have to get a shot to protect the baby. Meanwhile, Brody and Natalie have a pity party about the lies they are hiding from their significant others. Later on, Natalie informs Gigi of her fear that John will find out the baby's real father. (Side Note: Jesus Take The Wheel! I can't take much more of this story!) When will the truth come out?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (September 6th):

  • Jessica fesses up to Brody
  • Todd gets help from Marty
  • Dani gets a strange text message
  • Greg gets a shock
  • Brody gets into a fight with Ford
  • Todd tells Dani he lied to her about Ross