Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Kate: She starts to regret calling Sami.

Maggie: She has a chat with Brady regarding his time with the bottle.

Ms. Walker is thrown by her run-in with EJ

Bo: He attempts to tell Ciara about Hope.

Rafe/Sami: The two get engaged and share their joyious news with Caroline. Later, Sami finds out EJ named her in charge of his affairs and speaks to Daniel about whether or not she should take EJ off life support.

He begs EJ to get better. Stefano thinks Nicole is behind EJ's shooting and is out for revenge.

Will: He tells Sami he knows she shot EJ.

Vivian: She demands to know why Carly and Chloe are so tight.

Chloe: She tells Carly all about the plot she had with Vivian to kill her.

Philip: He tells Vivian to stay clear of his wife.

She makes a sweet gesture towards Chloe by planning a baby shower for her.

Nathan: He wants to know why Ian and Stephanie are always together.

Rafe/Ari: The siblings get into a nasty argument.