Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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The naked heiress must decide: Victor or her trust fund.

Nina: She gets a printout of what her long lost son would look like.

Chloe: The fashionista is scared that Chance is being set up when he heads out on a mission.

Nikki: Ms. Newman doesn't realize how right her gut instinct regarding the Canadian barmaid Meggie was! Meggie wants Nikki's life and will set out to get it by spiking Nikki's drink with booze.


He decides to spy on the Newmans.


Big Red runs into Sharon at the park and rubs in her face that Nick was kissing another woman. Sharon is rattled by this information. Later, Phyllis overhears info regarding the women of Genoa City and starts a blog called "The Real Homewreckers". The women of Genoa City are not pleased by it. At the spa, Phyllis is confronted, but she doesn't budge over it.


She starts to wonder if Ronan and Chloe are creeping.


She works at the pre-school which Reed and Delia attend.

Victor: He does the unthinkable to stop Victoria from marrying Billy. His actions lead to consequences with his family.


Meggie: Word is that she is Skye's mother. The women aren't working together to take down the Newmans, though. Mom and daughter have thier own agendas for the Newman clan.

Victor: He sets Victoria up to be arrested for bribery on her wedding day, in order to stop her from marrying Billy.