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Kim Zimmer Excited to be With "Old Friends" Strasser and Slezak at OLTL

The once and future Countess Echo DiSavoy seems tickled pink to be back on set with costars Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak at One Life to Live. In this past Friday's online edition of theNew Jersey Star-Ledger, soap legend Kim Zimmer talked about returning to OLTL, where she cut her soap operatic teeth, before going on to soaperstar status as Guiding Light's "Slut of Springfield" Reva Shayne Lewis. 


Here's what Zimmer had to say about working with Strasser and Slezak again:

“But I’ll be with my old friends Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak from when I was first on the show,” she says. “Not that the scripts will have me and Erika as friends. Now that Echo’s back in Springfield, having finished with being a faux-countess, she’s there to stir up trouble — taking an interest in Erika’s husband.” 

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Now see there, ain't that nice? This is how all soap divas oughta get along! Why, I bet Strasser will even offer to invite Zimmer and Slezak over for a slumber party/chatline dish! (Snort)

Zimmer also talked about how Guiding Light's sad last days inspired her to write her memoir.

Says Zimmer, “I was so angry that the show went downhill. After it ended, I started writing my memoir, and my co-writer Laura Morton had to let me spew about everything for a month. She was a genuine shrink in the way she was able to calm me down. It was real therapy writing that book.”

Now there's a soap memoir I can't wait to read! Zimmer's book, tentatively titled I'm Just Sayin', will be out next Spring from Penguin. I would have called it Freezin' My Balls Off in Peapack, but I digest, I mean digress. If you're in the New Jersey area, you can also catch Zimmer in the play Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods.The thesp is doing a three-week run. For more information click here.