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Nikki Newman Has a STORYLINE and a Glam New Soaps in Depth Cover!

That sound you hear is fans of The Young and the Restless lead soap-ette Melody Thomas Scott (Yes, this means you, Smitty!) racing to their grocery stores to pick up a copy of the latest issue of CBS Soaps in Depth with a gorgeous photo of Thomas Scott on the cover. Even I, President and CEO of Team Ashley, have to admit Ma Newman is looking fabulish! For all the scoop on the bitch nasty stunts that awful Meggie (Sean "I Am Not Catwoman" Young) is pulling against Nikki, get your copy of CBS Soaps in Depth today, but before you do, check out the teaser blurb below:


Nikki has been suspicious of Meggie from the get-go… and her instinct was right! This week on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Meggie pulls out all the stops to push the recovering alcoholic off the wagon! Will Victor be able to save his bride-to-be before she’s too far gone?

Only CBS Soaps In Depth has all the details of Nikki’s struggle — plus which Genoa City resident is going to die! — in our Fall Preview issue, so pick up your copy!

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