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Peep the Soap-ragious Third Installment of The Bay Prequel, Confessions of The Garretts!

After watching the latest chapter of Confessions of the Garretts, the prequel to Gregori J. Martin's upcoming soap opera The Bay, it's really no wonder this show has already been picked up in several countries around the globe! Mary Beth Evans has already made me a diehard fan of complicated, socialite, striking Sara Garrett and the serial hasn't even premiered yet.


The soaptastic, roller coaster backstory—complete with deranged pseudo brothers-turned-obsessed rapists, drunken trysts with her husband's twin, kidnappings, amnesia, etc.— revealed during the Confessions of the Garretts miniseries, gives the glossy, well-produced vignettes a Jackie Collins-meets-Melrose Place feel.

Look, ain't no need for me to keep talking, just WATCH the eppy after the jump and see for yourselves! Then, if you liked it as much as I did, you can donate to The Bay's Kickstarter fundraiser by going here. The revolution will be webivised!

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