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Will Smugtastic Bryant Gumbel Anchor a View Spinoff?

Who says diversity is dead on daytime? First Wayne Brady danced and grinned his way onto the Let's Make a Deal remake on CBS, now comes buzz that Barbara Walters is angling for a spinoff of her hit ABC talker The View. The project would possibly be helmed by former Today Show host Bryant Gumbel. I can think of 38,972 things I'd rather watch than a coffee klatch featuring Gumbel, and the last eight things are basically comprised of someone swabbing the jam from betwixt my toes on You Tube.

According toNew York Daily News, Babs and her long time producing partner Bill Geddie are "quietly developing a 'unisex' spinoff of 'The View' that will attempt to inject a male perspective into the topics of the day."


Putting the "uni" in the unisex would reportedly be ex-BET anchor Jacque Reid (at least there would be one black co-host) and former Fox News host E.D. Hill, who Geddie and Walters are allegedly eyeing, along with Ugly Betty actor Alec Mapa. The talk show, which according to the source article, would be produced in L.A. and geared toward taking Oprah's timeslot on ABC affiliates. The vehicle is reportedly only in the development stages, so chillax ABC soap fans!

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