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Y&R's Jeanne Cooper: "I'm Not Here So Katherine Can Serve Rice Pudding"

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The Young and the Restless'Jeanne Cooper(Katherine) is fired up and isn't holding anything back. In the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest, the actress talked candidly about her character's current state of docility. Said Cooper:

"I had a talk with Maria Arena Bell that this has to stop," huffs Cooper. "There's such a thing when characters move into a secondary position for a small time, but when they do open their mouths, it should mean something. Katherine has never been a floater with, 'Yes, dear,' or 'Oh, I understand.' She says, 'You did it and you deserve it!'

Cooper also voiced her gripes about her storyline with Stephen Nichols (Tucker) falling by the wayside.

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That started off great," Cooper acknowledges. "We had some dynamite stuff. They made Tucker such a dynamic person and an equal to Victor Newman, but now they've minimalized him and it hurts me because Stephen Nichols is such a good actor and we do get along very well. Katherine and Tucker have a wonderful love/hate thing, but that's been dropped. It doesn't make sense. Just like Mackenzie is living in Katherine's house and carried someone's babies. I maybe had two scenes with her the entire time. She's Katherine's only granddaughter and she doesn't give a flying fig about Mac being pregnant? I told them I'm not here so Katherine can serve rice pudding. They can put a blonde wig on someone else for that."

Boy, I hope she doesn't get into any trouble for that! (Snort).

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