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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brook Lynn recaps for Lulu what Carly hired her to do. Lulu questions the truth and Carly admits it, but then weaves a web of lies, saying that she did it to prove to Lulu that Dante is just like his father and will end up hurting her. Carly insists that she did it because she loves Lulu and doesn’t want her hurt. Carly apologizes for bringing Brook into this mess and Brook leaves in a huff. Lulu’s not happy with Carly, but believes her story.

Some Interpol guy shows up at Brenda’s door and tells her that she’s being targeted. Brenda doesn’t really care. Suzanne shows up and asks Brenda to go to London with Murphy, but Brenda’s determined to stay in Rome.

Sonny pleads not guilty to attempted murder. Claire’s opening speech is that Sonny shot Johnny with malice and forethought. Diane tries to throw Claire under the bus, declaring that she got too personal with Sonny. Dante takes the stand and claims that Sonny is not a flight risk. The judge sets bail at $3 million, which Sonny posts. Then he immediately climbs on his private jet and takes off.

Lucky and JaSam shoot their way out of the cabin. They get all of Lopez’ men, including Santos and I pray that this horrible story is finally over.

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Mac tells Robin that Lisa is credible and that he’ll help Robin by saying it was an accident. Robin insists that it wasn’t an accident, but a deliberate move on Lisa’s part. Mac agrees to keep the investigation open, despite his better judgement.

Matt meets with Lisa, who claims that Robin hit her on purpose. Her logic is that it was a well-lit street and Robin would have seen her. The better question that no one is asking is why Lisa took off in the street if she saw Robin coming. Lisa insists that Robin is a psychiatric threat to herself and others.

Robin squares off with Lisa, who plays the innocent victim and claims that Robin needs professional help. Patrick hauls Robin out of the room and tells Robin to stay away from Lisa because he’s scared of what she’ll do to their family.

Matt questions Patrick about Robin’s sanity and says he believes Lisa’s version of events.

Dante goes to Sonny’s to go over his testimony and finds Diane there. Dante realizes he’s been had, that Sonny has left the country. He heads home to Lulu.

Diane asks to meet Carly, to give her a letter from Sonny. Carly’s ticked that Sonny took off, leaving her to deal with the boys and their questions. Diane wonders why Carly is still jumping through hoops for him, after all this time and all of Carly’s assertions that she wants nothing to do with Sonny.

Sonny tells his pilot to head to Rome.