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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny wakes up to find Olivia at his bedside and wonders why she’s there, since the last time he looked, they were on the outs. But she’s determined not to lose him again.

Jax pays Michael a visit and they discuss his plans for his future. Michael insists he’s not going back to high school. Jax assures him that he should at least get his high school equivalency.

Alexis and Kristina are at Kelly’s discussing back to school when Carly shows up and informs them that Sonny has fled the country. Carly assures Kristina that Sonny loves her. Kristina is torn between her feelings for her father and her feelings about him leaving. Alexis says she feels sadness and relief.

Jason takes Sam to GH, where she gets her ankle looked at. Claire grabs Jason (Seriously, was she lying in wait for him to show up?) and insists that he tell her where Sonny is. Jason assures her that he’s been too busy getting rid of Lopez’ men. Claire tells him to contact her if and when he hears from Sonny.

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Edward, Monica and Tracy are going at it in typical Quartermaine fashion. Maya’s on her way out, when who should drag her sorry butt into the mansion? None other than Brook Lynn, with her tail between her legs. She admits to helping Carly try to break up Lante, but says when she changed her mind, Carly fired her. Tracy’s weary of her granddaughter, but Edward’s happy to have her home. Brook says she’ll go back to school for business, but when the others leave the room, Brook grabs Edwards’ cell phone and is caught by Tracy, trying to transfer 50 thousand dollars from Edward’s accounts. Brook leaves the Quartermaine mansion, determined to make it without their help.

Nikolas has a brief scene with Steven, where they discuss Liz and how happy she and the boys are with Sarah. Steve thanks Nik for setting the whole thing up. Nikolas then shares a brief scene with Robin where they discuss affairs, as she tells him what’s been happening with Lisa and Patrick. Next, Nikolas runs into Brook, in the rain outside Kelly’s, where she was planning on getting a room. He says he has a better idea and ushers her away.

Carly meets with Michael to tell him Sonny took off, but he tells her he already knows, that he saw Sonny before he left and urged him to go. She makes him swear not to tell Dante, as he can’t be trusted.

Jax meets with Alexis and they discuss the Sonny situation. While Jax is happy that Sonny is gone, he is upset that the kids get caught in the middle.

Kristina pays Michael a visit. He tells her not to give up on Sonny, and she’s rather upset by how and what she should be feeling.

Diane goes to Jason to ask him why Sonny would go to Rome. Jason realizes that Sonny went to see Brenda, which doesn’t sit well with Diane, since she knows Brenda is a high celebrity person. Carly shows up, demanding to know where Sonny went.

Maya tells Johnny that she’s grateful he survived, and tells him the basics of Sonny being arrested while Johnny was hospitalized. When Claire shows up to get Johnny’s statement, he tells her that Sonny shot him, with no provocation, which Olivia overhears.