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Martha Madison Reveals MAJOR Mommy Issues as The Bay's Marlena Garrett-Nelson Foster!

In the latest installment of Confessions of The Garretts, the prequel to Gregori J. Martin's upcoming soap The Bay, we are introduced to Marlena "Marly" Garrett Nelson Foster aka soap alum Martha Madison. Marly is the daughter of troubled socialite Sara Garrett, played by Madison's fellow Days of Our Lives alum Mary Beth Evans.


In this episode, Marly gets real about how her mother's schizo habit of coming in and out of her life has led to all kinds of soaptastic drama for the blonde beauty. Okay your Mama's defense, she really couldn't help being kidnapped by her psychotic, rapist, adopted brother, who fathered her first born son. There isn't a "How-To" book out there for that one ya know! Now, having you kidnapped as a child so that your dad would bond with her and leave your stepmother, well...that was pretty effed up. Watch the clip after the jump. I cannot freakin' WAIT for The Bay! The revolution will be WEBIVISED!

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