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All My Children's Alicia Minshew Discusses About Hesitation Moving West


talked with

All My Children's

Alicia Minshew

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about her new role as mother to daughter


and her initial reaction to the show's move to Los Angeles.

PD: Were you surprised that "AMC" moved West?

AM: Yes -- shocked as a matter of fact. I said, "Well I can't do that. I am a first-time mom and there is no way I can pack up and leave with a newborn." Plus, my roots and family were in New York.

Minshew also reveals her plans to make Hollyweird her permanent address.

PD: What was the deciding factor?

AM: There were a few. First off, we have so many friends out here in Los Angeles and the AMC cast is my extended family. We also knew Richie was able to hire some great managers while he was away. Third, we know this was temporary. We are renting a place and know ultimately we will be back in New York because we want to raise our daughter in New York City.

Photo by PR Photos.