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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly insists that Jason tell her where Sonny went, then isn't happy to find out that he's gone to Rome and Brenda.  Carly meets with Jax to tell him the latest development and wonders if he will head over to Rome to save Brenda from Sonny.

Johnny tells Claire that he was unarmed when Sonny shot him.  Olivia tells him not to lie, that she heard the events from Sonny and believes him.  Johnny tells her to leave.  Claire is also suspicious of Johnny's version of events and he's not happy about it. 

Nik gives Brook some warm clothes.  She tells him the Carly saga and how she doesn't want to be dependent on the Qs.  Nik asks if she'd be willing to be his escort for the weekend.  I guess once the writers were finished watching Fatal Attraction, they started in on Pretty Woman.

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Sonny gets to Rome, inquires about Brenda and is told where she's staying.  He reminisces about his time with Brenda.

Suzanne is worried about Brenda's safety and suggests she go back to Port Charles until things calm down.  I guess there are no bad guys in Port Charles.   Brenda reminisces about her time with Sonny.

Dante comes home to Michael and Kristina, who are arguing about Sonny.  Micheal believes his innocence, Kristina doesn't and Dante seems to be in the middle.  When Lulu comes home, Dante tells her that he will have to find the evidence to prove Sonny's innocence or guilt for Michael and Kristina's sake.

Jason tells Sam about Sonny going to Rome and meeting up with Brenda.

Michael pops by the hospital to ask Johnny to tell him the truth.

Brenda gets a call from someone to meet her outside the hotel.  Sonny is there, but she doesn't see him right away.  I guess that's for tomorrow's cliffhanger.