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General Hospital's Steve Burton: "I'm a Quartermaine at Heart"

Take heart lovers of General Hospital's rapidly-shrinking Quartermaine clan. Series heartthrob Steve Burton (Jason) also seems ticked off that his mobtastic character's wealthy, wacky family of origin is basically missing in action. Here's what he had to say about it to Fancast's Sara Bibel:


Sara Bibel: Is Jason ever going to get close to the Quartermaines again?

Steve Burton :Are there any left?

Bibel: Brooklyn.

Burton: Brooklyn who? I don’t even know who Brooklyn is. I mean, I do but I never have really met her. I’d like to have more scenes with my Mom [Monica, Leslie Charleson]. Remember her? And Edward (John Ingle), too. I’d love to work with them again. I’m a Quartermaine at heart. That’s how I came on the show. I love the history of it. I love that family.

Yep, we remember Charleson. Unfortunately ABC didn't when they were making a list of who to keep on contract! I for one would love to see how the Q's would react if and when they ever learn Jason and the real love of his life, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) share a dear, darling love bundle! 

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