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General Hospital's Top Scribe Bob Guza on The Mob: "We Do Not Glorify It!"

It seems General Hospital head writer Bob Guza must think fans doth protest too much concerning their expressed desire to be rid of the mob in Port Chuck. In the latest issue of ABC Soaps in Depth, Guza vehemently defends GH's mob storylines, which he maintains viewers don't really want to see end. Here's what Guza had to say about the possibility of Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) leaving their mobtacular ways behind them:


"I don't think people want to see that. By putting them in these situations, we have the highest stakes possible of life and death. They have to make incredibly-difficult moral choices all the time. What I will defend to my last breath is that we do not glorify it! the head writer continues. "Sonny is the most haunted character on the show. Jason is turning into one of them. If they just merely shot people and weren't haunted by it, then yes, I think we would be open to the criticism. But they're not. It is never taken lightly. I guarantee you that."

Okay now Guzalicious, even a card-carrying mob lover like me has to admit the show totally glorifies the mob! Who among us doesn't orgasm just a little in our knickers whenever we watch You Tube clip of Super Jase shooting up the church? For more on what Guza had to say to ABC Soaps in Depth check out the Sept. 6-Sept. 20 edition of the magazine, on newstands now!

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