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EXPLOSIVE! Deidre Hall's Ex-Fan Club Prexy Blasts Back; Claims Unpaid Services and Says Hall Asked Her to Photoshop Son to Look Slimmer!

Ruh roh. It looks like this battle between Deidre Hall (ex-Marlena, DAYS) and her former fan club president Cathleen Paradis just got down right nasty! As previously reported, Radar Online broke the news this week of Hall suing Paradis for the rights to the URLs and In addition to the domain names, Hall is allegedly looking to recover damages, claiming Paradis used her likeness to make a buck. WELL, Ms. Paradis has fired back! The 45-year-old unemployed web designer went to the New YorK Post to make some shocking allegations of her own against one of daytime television's most beloved superstars. Such as:

  • Paradis says she served as Hall's "defacto personal assistant" for months. Allegedly, when Paradis asked Doc to pony up on paying the bill for her services, she says La Hall said no dice!
  • Paradis claims she scanned over 6,000 photos into a computer database for Hall and created video presentations for managers and agents.
  • Paradis and Hall met when Paradis was running an unofficial fan website. According to Paradis, she and Hall became friends and developed a "casual working relationship".
  • Paradis moved to LA to be closer to her idol (Okay, that's a bit scary!)
  • Paradis says she purchased the domain names prior to moving to LA—with Hall's permission— and was never paid for her services.

Lord if Days of Our Lives head writer Dena Higley could write up something this steamy, scandalous and turgid with betrayal and revenge we'd have ourselves a ballgame!

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Perhaps the most venemous of Paradis' claims is that Hall asked her to use Photoshop to make her kids look more attractive and one of her son's slimmer for a Hall family Christmas card! This just beats all I've ever heard.

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