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General Hospital's Scott Reeves Talks Port Chuck


Jack of all trades

Scott Reeves

spoke with

The Mundelein Review 

on how the brainchild known as

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Port Chuck

came to existence. The

General Hospital


The idea of doing music for the fans started two years ago when I opened for Steve [Burton] on acoustic guitar at Zanies in Nashville," said Reeves who had formed the country band, Blue County.

Reeves goes on to explain taking the act on the road:

"We said, 'Man, we could expand on this and make it an event.' When I came back to acting Steve knew I was looking for other ways to channel my musical passions. He's a big fan of the '80s, as I am myself, so we decided to do an '80s cover band, give or take a few years."

Fans in the Vernon Hills, IL area who are interested in attending the group's performance can see the GH stars on Sept. 9 at Zanies Comedy Club. Click here for more info.