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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Billy/Victoria/Victor: The Black Knight is not thrilled when Victoria accepts Billy’s proposal. Nikki implores Victor to make peace with his daughter or he’ll regret it. Victor stands firm on his attitude regarding Victoria and Billy. Victor stomps off when he realizes the two aren’t playing about getting married. Billy and Victoria want to get married asap, but find out they have to wait 5 days in Genoa City for a marriage license. Instead, they decide to elope to Las Vegas. Nikki pulls some strings with a friend of hers and is able to get the waiting period nixed for the love birds. Victor tells Jack and Ashley all about what’s going on and Old Smilin’ isn’t too thrilled about his baby brother wanting to marry a Newman.

Victor pledges to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria start planning to have the wedding in their front yard. Nikki lets Victor know that she’s helping Victoria with the wedding. Victoria gets Daniel to be the official photographer for the wedding and also asks Jana to be her maid of honor, while Billy asks Rafe to step up for him. Victoria is heartbroken that Nick refuses to come to the wedding, as does Victor. On the day of the wedding, Nick arrives and walks his sister down the aisle, while Phyllis shows up with Deacon as her date. During the ceremony, Victoria is arrested on bribery charges, courtesy of Victor. When Nikki finds out that Victor had their daughter arrested, she is appalled by his behavior. Victor’s plan ends up backfiring instead, leading Billy and Victoria to get hitched. In the aftermath, Victor’s actions wind up alienating his entire family.

Abby/Victor: The naked heiress has Victor right where she wants him with her lawsuit. Jack fills Ashley in on Victor mismanaging Abby’s trust and she starts to worry. Meanwhile, Abby starts to have second thoughts when Vance informs her that Victor could go to jail for what he’s done. Vance nudges Abby to go for it and she decides to move forward in her suit.

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Ronan/Chance: Owen and Meeks start to feel the heat of Chance’s investigation regarding the corrupt police. Ronan informs Owen that he’ll put a stop to the investigation by snuffing out Chance. Meanwhile, Nina’s hot on the trail of her missing son and is stunned by the recreated photo of her little boy. Chance plunges in deeper with his plan to bust the dirty cops. Chloe becomes scared that he’s being set up. Later, Heather tells Chance that she’s in love with him. Afterwards, Ronan and Heather get into a heated argument regarding Chance.

Ronan risks everything to save Chance’s neck, but winds up in a showdown. Chance tells Ronan that he knows he’s setting him up and the two get into it. Nina’s boys wind up in a trap and only have one way to escape. Ronan thinks fast and fires a shot.

Nina: As everyone in Genoa City mourns the death of Chance, Nina is about to meet her eldest boy.

Meggie: The barmaid keeps spiking Nikki’s drink.


Nikki: Word is that Deacon will assist her with staying sober. Watch for the two to become friends when he helps her get back on the wagon, while Nikki steps up and helps him with some drama of his own (Please, Maria let this be true!).