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Jillian's SUPERSIZED DAYS Spoilers, With Fall Preview!


Hope: Fancy Face is accosted by her cellmate

Brady: He puts two and two together regarding Vivian's plans.

Will: He keeps Sami's secret.

Nicole: She figures out Arianna cares deepy for EJ.

Sami: Ms. Brady tries to keep it cool when she starts getting questioned by Bo about EJ's shooting. Uncle Bo reveals to a shocked Sami that EJ's still alive. Sami's a bit scared EJ will finger her for the shooting, but breaths a sigh of relief when Rafe tells the police she was with him all night. Later, Kate talks to Sami about the call she made regarding EJ snatching the kids. Kate demands to know what exactly did she do, but Sami downplays everything and denies she did a thing. Kate knows Sami is hiding something but isn't able to get anything out of her.

EJ's condition deteriorates causing Lexie to inform Sami that EJ gave her medical Power of Attorney. Sami is shocked by this discovery and is confused abouy what she should do. Later, she sits with EJ when he starts to gain consciousness and zeroes in on her. Sami is scared EJ will blow her out of the water, but dodges another bullet when he doesn't remember the shooting. Afterwards, Will informs his mother he saw her with the gun and heard her yelling at EJ the night of his shooting.

Stefano: The Phoenix freaks when he finds Sami at EJ's bedside. Stefano points the finger at Sami for EJ's shooting and vows justice for his son. Stefano starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding EJ's shooting and all evidence points to Sami. He knows she has something to gain with EJ out of the picture after the hell he put Sami through regarding Sydney's kidnapping. When Stefano spots Sami's engagement ring from Rafe, he completely loses it and calls her a whore for almost saying "I do," to EJ in one breath and now being engaged to Rafe.

Stefano isn't thrilled to find out EJ left Sami in charge of his affairs including medical decisions and isn't about to let her abide by EJ's choice. Things start to heat up even more when Abe mentions the gun used to shoot EJ was one Stefano kept in a locked desk at the DiMera mansion. Stefano realizes Sami had full access to the gun and begins to find evidence to nail Sami.

Vivian: Madame begs Brady to open up the sarcophagus

Arianna/Rafe: The siblings butt heads over EJ.

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Maggie: She gets a weird phone call.

Nathan: He wonders about Melanie's weird demeanor.

Fall Sneak Peek!

Justin/Adrienne: This Fall the old flames will start to work their way back to each other.

Bo/Hope/Jennifer: When Jennifer Rose returns, she will help cousin Hope pick herself up and start over again. Watch for Jennifer to play matchmaker and push Bo and Hope back together while being involved in another storyline involving "Brady" and Fancy Face. Bo is concerned for Hope's well-being while little Ciara starts to have problems at school.

Warden Jane: She informs a prisoner to keep tabs on Hope.

Rafe/Sami/EJ/Arianna: Arianna discovers what Sami has done and heads off to tell EJ, but is struck and killed by a car before she can tell him. A huge twist will commence in Nov.

Brady/Nicole/Maggie/Victor/Vivian: Brady discovers "Grandma" Viv's plans to lock Maggie in his mother's crypt. Brady will freak when he finds out what Vivian's done with his mother's remains. Vivian's plan brings Brady and Nicole closer as the two work to defeat Madame Alamain. Victor and Kate will find out Viv's locked away. Watch for this storyline to have a huge outcome.

Chole/Daniel/Carly/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie/Kayla: Keep an eye on Stephanie, she will become hellbent on discovering who tampered with Chloe's paternity test. Meanwhile, Kayla heads back to Salem to straighten her daughter out after receving a call from Adrienne. Stephanie decides to confess her sins to her mother. Nathan decides also to spill the beans to Stephanie about Chloe stepping out on Daniel, not realizing Melanie's listening in. Melanie confronts Chloe about her misdeeds, but keeps mum on it being with Philip. Daniel and Chloe will try to take the plunge once again, but Melanie arrives and wants her questions answered. Kayla is dragged into the mix and will try to figure out who rigged Chloe's paternity test. As I've said on the podcast, you won't believe who's behind it all.

Stefano/Chad/Kate: Mrs. DiMera makes the decision to fill the Phoenix and Chad in on their connection.