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Jillian's Y&R Fall Spoilers!


Victor/Nikki: The anniversary of Colleen's tragic death arrives and it starts to make Nikki waver on marrying Victor. Meanwhile, she fights with staying on the wagon, but loses her battle thanks to Meggie's behind-the-scenes machinations. Watch for Nikki to get help from someone you would never guess (see here ).

Billy/Victoria/Victor: Victor goes all out to stop the Abbott/Newman wedding, setting Victoria up to be arrested at her own wedding!.The Black Knight firmly believes Billy is the wrong man for his darling daughter causing him to turn Victoria in for bribery. Victor's actions will take a heavy toll on his family.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys' idyllic bliss won't last long. Cane's past comes back to bite them both. Philip will be sucked into their storyline.

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Phillip/Rafe: Genoa City's resident same sexers will share some sparks at Billy and Victoria's wedding.

Deacon/Phyllis/Nick: Big Red will continue to see Deacon, which needles Nick.

Ronan/Chance: Det. Chancellor is shot by his long lost brother. At first many will wonder if Ronan "shot" Chance to save him or not. Chance's "death" is a ruse. Look for him to go into the Witness Protection Program.

Diane: The arrivial of Ms. Jenkins back to Genoa City will stir up old feelings and old rivalries.